After more than two years, Gorgc makes his return to OG as a content creator.

After more than two years since Janne "Gorgc" Stefanovski's sudden departure, he is back to OG as a content creator. Both Johan "N0tail" Sundstein, owner of OG, and Gorgc dropped the announcement of their rekindled partnership in the latest Monkey Business Show (MBS) episode.

OG's MBS had set up its own watch party in Berlin, Germany for the ongoing ESL One Berlin Major. N0tail and formerly JMR Luna, would host the shows and welcome guests from all around the Dota 2 community.

Last night, Admir "lizZard" Salkanović, Jake "SirActionSlacks" Kanner, and Gorgc joined the show. In the most casual manner, N0tail welcomed the Swedish streamer to the org and explained his return:

The basics of the partnership - it's a good match, it's a good fit. Knowns of the knowns, goats of Dota, biggest streamer in Dota, most familiar face, compatible humor, maybe in the game too.

Gorgc then took to Twitter to announce the partnership. He stated, "Happy to be back with OG after a bit of a break! Surely I won't curse their major run with my bad luck this patch."

What happened between Gorgc and OG in the past

Many Dota 2 fans know that this is not their first collaboration together. In early 2020, Gorgc stepped into the organization as a content creator. This happened right after OG's victory at TI9 and when the organization was expanding its horizons.

However, there were disagreements between both parties, and about seven months later, Gorgc announced his departure from OG. He revealed in a Twitlonger that what they planned for Gorgc at the start had changed when OG began organizing tournaments.

While one of Gorgc's main streaming content is of him watching tournament matches, OG wanted to guard their interests as they were then co-owners of certain tournaments. This created a clash of interest and Gorgc made his way out after finding he no longer had anything to do in OG.

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