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JMR Luna steps down as OG Esports’ CEO


JMR Luna had colossal contributions in OG Esports including the successful Monkey Business Show and Road to TI documentaries.

One of the world's biggest esports organizations, OG Esports, just announced a massive shift with JMR Luna stepping down as the CEO (Chief Executive Officer). The announcement did not disclose if JMR Luna will still work with OG in any capacity or if he is departing the org entirely. It is also yet to be revealed who will fill the vacant spot to become the next CEO of OG.

In the announcement, OG stated:

"OG Esports is announcing that JMR Luna has stepped down as CEO. This decision was agreed upon after many months of discussions and considerations from all parties. From everyone here at OG Esports, we would like to express our appreciation for what we have achieved during these last few years and wish him the best for his future."

The post further elaborated that OG Esports will continue to grow the company with their two anchors,  Johan "N0tail" Sundstein and Sébastien "Ceb" Debs. The org will also continue to expand its successful projects such as the Monkey Business Show.

"With the support of the existing leadership team, as well as our two anchors, N0tail and Ceb, we will continue to build on the company's vision and drive the core values of OG Esports into its next phase of growth. We are very excited for 2023 and what it holds for our competitive teams, community and partners. We will continue to expand on our successes such as the OG Monkey Business Show while working on bringing new content and activations to our fans around the world."

OG flourished under JMR Luna's creative vision

JMR Luna came from the film industry, where he was mostly involved in cinematography. Prior to assuming leadership in OG, JMR Luna worked as the Head of Content at Evil Geniuses and then the Vice President of Content and Production at Immortals Gaming Club.

His set of skills that are quite unique in the world of esports brought fans a number of successful projects. With OG, he introduced the weekly Monkey Business Podcasts which he hosts alongside N0tail. The podcast often feature guests across the industry such as pro players, caster, and streamers. OG also brings the Monkey Business Show to LAN events such as the ESL One Stockholm Major in Sweden and The International 11 in Singapore. Here fans are able to spectate the podcasts live and also interact with the OG community, all without any fee.

Monkey Business Show at the ESL One Stockholm.
Monkey Business Show at the ESL One Stockholm.

JMR Luna was also behind a successful documentary series called Road to the International where he showcases his skillful touch in cinema. This series dives in-depth into the background of OG players, which helps fans connect to them closer. As for now, there are six episodes in the Road to TI series.

Road to TI documentary featuring Topson.
Road to TI documentary featuring Topson.

With his departure from the CEO role, JMR Luna might be looking forward to bringing his creative vision elsewhere.

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