Geek Slate secured a spot at the Lima Major after a three-hour series. Meanwhile Talon edged Blacklist out in a tiebreaker.

The series between Blacklist Rivalry and Geek Slate, this season's ultimate South-East Asian Dota Pro Circuit (SEA DPC) matchup, was the raw definition of SEA Dota. The series went all the way to three games and took a total of three-and-a-half hours.

After the second game went for over an hour, no one expected the third game to go just as long. An epic final battle between the two teams brought on buybacks on all 10 players, wildly swinging the net worth back-and-forth like an out of control pendulum.

Blacklist Rivalry vs. Geek Slate third game results (Image via Dota client)
Blacklist Rivalry vs. Geek Slate third game results (Image via Dota client)

Geek Slate clinch second place after a three-hour series

Blacklist actually already had an advantage over the game. With just one barracks left, Geek Slate were moments away from succumbing to mega creeps. However after that final insane brawl at the 75-minute mark, Geek Slate came out on top. Even though Blacklist still had a full set of barracks, they decided to call it quits. With that, Geek Slate placed second at SEA DPC and secured their spot at the Lima Major. Additionally, they were rewarded with 180 DPC points.

Talon edge Blacklist out in a tiebreaker

Blacklist had a phenomenal start during the first two weeks of SEA DPC. However, they began to drop the ball since then and lost twice in a row to Execration and SMG. After receiving their third loss from Geek Slate, Blacklist were forced into a tiebreaker match against Talon Esports. Even though they beat Talon once, they were not able to replicate the same results this time. Talon dealt them a swift 2-0 and stole their last chance to become the third and final team to qualify for the Lima Major. They also received 120 DPC points as the season's third place winner.

That concludes the first season of SEA DPC. Final standings can be found at Liquipedia. The teams that will head to Lima Major are:

  • Execration
  • Geek Slate
  • Talon Esports

There are a few spots remaining at the Lima Major--two for Western Europe and three for China. Be sure to check out for more updates on the rest of DPC and information on the Major.