Geek Fam has taken down one favorite after another and they’re now only a few steps away from TI12.

Southeast Asia has always been one unpredictable region. And again, in this Southeast Asian (SEA) The International 2023 (TI12) Qualifier, we saw insane upsets. Geek Fam, who's charging full speed into the qualifier, has knocked down two of SEA's favorites - Bleed Esports and Execration. They are now one of the three final teams left, only a few steps behind a TI12 invite.

Geek Fam's complete Dota 2 roster:

  • Stefan "Ulnit" Gavrila
  • Joshua "Kokz" Maraño 
  • Nikko "Force" Bilocura
  • Ravdan "NARMAN" Narmandakh
  • Andrei "skem" Ong

Geek Fam had a roller-coaster ride in 2023. The team surprised the community when they qualified for Lima Major, placing 2nd in the SEA DPC. But following a disappointing performance in the Major, Geek Fam crashed and burnt. They faced relegation in Tour 2 and climbed back to Division I in Tour 3. Now, they are inches away from qualifying for TI12.

Geek Fam is two matches away from TI12.
Geek Fam is two matches away from TI12.

Geek Fam will clash against Blacklist International in the Lower Bracket, with the winner advancing to meet Team SMG in the Grand Final.

Iceiceice misses TI for the second time in a row

Bleed Esports complete Dota 2 roster:

  • Souliya "JaCkky" Khoomphetsavong
  • Teng "Kordan" Tjin Yao
  • Daryl "iceiceice" Koh
  • Djardel "DJ" Mampusti 
  • Kim "DuBu" Doo-young

Southeast Asia has a lot of strong contenders in the TI12 SEA Qualifier. But many expected Bleed to prevail in the bloodbath as they are indeed the recent SEA champions in Tour 3 DPC.

However, during the Qualifier, the team did in fact bleed. They were first knocked down to the Lower Bracket by Kuku's stack, Blacklist International. Their TI12 journey then ended after losing a series against Geek Fam.

This also marks the second year that iceiceice misses a TI. In the previous year, he joined Team SMG in a last-minute roster shuffle, however, the team failed to register their roster in time.

Three Majors, no TI - Execration is out

Execration's complete Dota 2 roster:

  • Jinn Marrey "Palos" Lamatao
  • Mark Anthony "Bob" Urbina
  • Justine Ryan "Tino" Grimaldo
  • Mark Jubert "Shanks" Redira
  • Federico "Abeng" Dicdican Jr.

For the entire season, Execration has been a hard read. The all-Filipino team is a strong threat in Southeast Asia, clinching top 3 for three Tours straight, attending all Dota 2 Majors this year. However, their performance on LANs have been lackluster, with the team flunking early in every Major.

Execration was also merely 20 points behind a direct TI12 invite, sitting behind BetBoom Team. Despite three Major attendances on their belt, Execration unfortunately will not make it to TI112

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