A swift revenge: Gaimin Gladiators knocks down Team Spirit to the Lower Bracket of Betboom Dacha cover image

A swift revenge: Gaimin Gladiators knocks down Team Spirit to the Lower Bracket of Betboom Dacha

Find out what happened during the highly anticipated TI12 rematch!

During the first day of the BetBoom Dacha Dubai Playoffs, the Dota 2 community spectated a The International 12 (TI12) finals rematch. Gaimin Gladiators played against Team Spirit in a BO3. While TI12 saw a brutal victory for Spirit, this rematch saw the complete opposite as GG obliterated the two-time champs.

A quick victory for Gaimin Gladiators

Gaimin Gladiators was undoubtedly the most dominant team last year, achieving five tier 1 victories which included three Major wins. But Team Spirit rose drastically at the end of the year, grabbing the Riyadh Masters crown and their second TI victory. These two teams are arguably the two strongest teams in the world right now and this rematch was highly anticipated.

Plenty of Dota 2 fans would expect an intense battle with back-and-forth gold swings. But no, that wasn't what happened. Gaimin Gladiators completely read and outperformed Team Spirit in both games, taking an easy 2-0 victory.

The first match concluded with a dominant 23-9 kill score for GG, ending in an early 33:19 minutes. The second match was a similar affair with another strong snowball from GG, closing it at 34:55.

Here are the drafts and stats for both game one and two of Gaimin Gladiators vs Team Spirit:

Game one

Game two

Team Spirit has to deliver a Lower Bracket run

With this painful loss for the two-time TI champions, Team Spirit falls to the Lower Bracket of BetBoom Dacha Dubai. The Eastern European juggernaut will face LGD Gaming next, another familiar opponent.

On the other hand, Gaimin Gladiators march ahead into the Upper Bracket Semifinals. Their next opponent will be BetBoom Team, a formidable lineup which has a pretty solid history against GG.

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