Gaimin Gladiators Seleri will donate his entire TI11 winnings to charity cover image

Gaimin Gladiators Seleri will donate his entire TI11 winnings to charity

Two hours after his elimination from TI11, Seleri announced that he will donate his entire winnings to an animal sanctuary charity.

Nothing but good vibes are coming out of Gaimin Gladiators despite their elimination from TI11. After putting up a great fight against OG, Gaimin Gladiators exited the main stage with a 9th-12th place finish. Later, captain and position five player Melchior "Seleri" Hillenkamp announced on Twitter that he will donate 100 percent of his winnings to an animal sanctuary charity.

Seleri: "I will be donating 100% of my TI winnings to a (charity) Animal Sanctuary that is in the works"

Seleri is one of the few Dota professionals who is a vegan. Besides him, OG pos4 player Tommy "Taiga" Le shares the same dietary preference. This suggests why Seleri would support an organization that serves as an animal sanctuary.

Seleri has yet to reveal the name of the charity that he will be donating to, but implied he may have a hand in the creation of this animal sanctuary. The GG support mentioned that this is a work-in-progress and that he will share more information in the future.

Seleri at TI11 main stage (Image by <a href=";t=RLUfE-0_c1JMwmrkzNdN0A" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">Gaimin Gladiators</a>)
Seleri at TI11 main stage (Image by Gaimin Gladiators)

Gaimin Gladiators 9th-12th place winnings

After finishing 7th in the group stage with 8-10 score, Gaimin Gladiators had a gallant run through the lower bracket, knocking out home favorite Fnatic in a best-of-one and nearly beating OG who were recently defeated by Tundra Esports. Gaimin Gladiators finished their very first TI run in a respectable 9th-12th place.

TI11's current prize pool (at the time of writing) is $17,257,452. At this amount, Gaimin Gladiators will earn approximately $345,146. If the team divide their winnings equally among the players, Seleri's earnings alone will be around $69 thousand before tax and other related expenses. Although this year's prize pool is expected to be much lower than that of previous TIs, it continues to grow. Be sure to check-in with for the finalized amount and for all news related to TI11.