Nigma Galaxy, OG, and more will compete in this FISSURE event.

FISSURE reveals an online tournament to conclude the month of May! This event will bring together teams across Europe and CIS - with the addition of a South American team - to play online on the latest Patch 7.36! Read more about FISSURE Universe Ep. 2 below!

All teams in FISSURE Universe Ep. 2

Despite FISSURE Universe Ep. 2 being a compact, online event - big names are confirmed to participate. We'll see TI winning organizations like OG and Tundra Esports among the lineup. Legendary teams like Nigma Galaxy, Team Secret,, and more will also compete in this FISSURE event.

  • OG
  • Tundra Esports
  • MOUZ
  • Team Secret
  • Nigma Galaxy
  • Entity
  • BOOM Esports

Group A and Group B teams

The Group Stage distribution has also been revealed! Group A features Entity, Nigma Galaxy,, and Tundra Esports. On the other hand, Group B fields BOOM Esports, MOUZ, Team Secret, and OG. In the Group Stage, the bottom two teams of each group will be eliminated. The remaining four teams will advance to the Playoffs.

Group A
Group B
BOOM Esports
Nigma Galaxy
Team Secret
Tundra Esports

Date, schedule, and prize pool

FISSURE Universe Ep. 2 will take place from May 27 to 30.

It will be incredibly compact with high-profile games as teams clash in a four-day competition. The first two days, May 27 - 28 will see the Group Stage take place. The Playoffs will then commence from May 29 - 30.

Prize pool distribution

The tournament will offer $80,000 in prize money with $40,000 allocated to the champions. The bottom four teams will exit without any prize money. Here is the complete prize pool distribution for FISSURE Universe Ep. 2!

Prize money

Where to watch FISSURE Universe Ep. 2 livestreams

There are four official livestreams by FISSURE that will simultaneously show the Group Stage matches. The first two channels will feature an English-language broadcast. The other two are in the Russian language.

You can visit each page via these links: ENG 1, ENG 2, RU 1, and RU 2. We have embedded the main English stream below!

We will continue to cover FISSURE Universe EP.2 with live schedule and results. Until then, stick around for more Dota 2 news and updates!