Azure Ray’s Faith_bian changes in-game name to Bach cover image

Azure Ray’s Faith_bian changes in-game name to Bach

Faith_bian now officially goes as Bach, a name change likely inspired by the famous classical composer.

A week ago, legendary Dota 2 offlaner, Zhang "Faith_bian" Ruida, lit up the community with the decision to unretire. His has a prominent presence beyond the Chinese region, holding a The International (TI) victory and a status of one of the world's best. His return is certainly exciting, but Faith_bian is coming back with an entirely new name.

Musician Bach likely inspired Faith_bian's name change

In a post by Azure Ray's new official Twitter/X, it is revealed that Faith_bian now goes under Bach. The name change is likely inspired by the legendary classical musician, Johann Sebastian Bach. Bach was a German composer, praised as one of the most creative geniuses in the classical music genre, even touted to be the father of classical music.

A portrait of Johann Sebastian Bach.
A portrait of Johann Sebastian Bach.

It isn't exactly mentioned what Faith_bian's new name means. But we can safely assume that it refers to this musical legend. Faith_bian had also previously revealed his passion in classical music and his dream to perform a famous piece by Bach. This happened during the OG Monkey Business Podcast at TI11.

Faith_bian talked about life after retirement and his next goals after Dota 2. There he mentioned that he has a lifelong dream to play the piano and perform a masterpiece by Bach called the Goldberg Variation. "Every best pianist respects it and wants to play it," Faith_bian stated.

Despite his new pursuit, Faith_bian has recently came out of a one-year retirement to join the fiery Azure Ray. He may be putting his piano lessons on hold to embrace the mouse and keyboard once again. But his name change still showcases his admiration towards Bach.

We'll see Faith_bian.. I mean Bach continue playing in the BetBoom Dacha Dubai Southeast Asia and China's Closed Qualifier. So far, Azure Ray is undefeated. The team marched swiftly to the Upper Bracket Final after defeating Titan and Geek Fam. The team is two matches away from making it to the one million dollar BetBoom Dacha Dubai.

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