An elimination series between SA and CN – who will survive and who will go home? Keep track of the Evil Geniuses vs Team Aster live results here!

Lima Major approaches its peak. The fourth day of the Playoffs begins today and the very first series will be Evil Geniuses vs Team Aster. Both teams were knocked down from the Upper Bracket and this would be their first clash in this tournament.

Evil Geniuses will undoubtedly have full support from the stadium as they are the only remaining South American team left in the Major. Meanwhile, Team Aster is the only Chinese representative left in this tournament. While EG was knocked down by Entity, Team Aster lost against Gaimin Gladiators. Both teams hold an even potential but Team Aster are riding their momentum as they are fresh off eliminating TI11 champs, Tundra Esports.

Will the Lima Major see the crowd's final hope advance, or will Team Aster grab the win?

Keep track of the Evil Geniuses vs Team Aster series live results here.

Evil Geniuses vs Team Aster results

Team 1
Team 2
Evil Geniuses [W]
Team Aster
Team 1
Kill Score
Team 2
Evil Geniuses [W]
Team Aster
Evil Geniuses
Team Aster [W]
Evil Geniuses [W]
Team Aster

Where to watch EG vs Team Aster live

You can watch the live English broadcast of Evil Geniuses vs Team Aster on EPULZE's main Twitch channel. For the Spanish language broadcast, visit 4D Esports' main Twitch channel.

We have embedded the English livestream below.

EG vs Aster series recap [Ongoing]

The laning stage of the first game was filled with fair trades between both teams. EG's safelane with Pakasz Marci and Panda Undying was lethal as they punished their opponents repeatedly. However, Aster managed to also grab valuable kills on other lanes, gaining a slight net worth lead.

At minute 26, Team Aster opted to push tier 2 with Monet Terrorblade's Meta but EG pulled off an amazing initiation. Matthew Snapfire used the Gobble Up ability to shoot Pakasz in the middle of Aster's formation - wreaking havoc. This fight gave EG a massive advantage and Pakasz stood on top of the net worth chart, overtaking Monet.

The game dragged for a while with both playing cautiously around the map. EG managed to grab a couple of pick offs but Aster remained defensive and held their ground. At minute 40:40, EG decided to take Roshan but they were simultaneously anticipating Aster's contest. Xwy's Pangolier begin his initiation, however, he was stuck on the walls of the Roshan pit, allowing EG to respond swiftly - bagging a triple kill and getting an easy Aegis.

EG quickly marched towards Aster's high ground. They took one good fight with Panda's Undying delivering a lot of healing work to keep his team afloat. Aster could not answer the aggression and tapped out at minute 42.

In the second game, a rare carry Kunkka appears on the side of EG. This was a risky pick as Kunkka fields a sour 10% win rate and he's not exactly very popular in general. But can Pakasz make this hero work? It seems like it so far.

At minute 10:30, Xxs Enigma and BoBoKa Tiny made a move onto Pakasz and threw in a solo Black Hole. But didn't nearly enough damage to finish him and Pakasz then swiftly escaped - playing around with his Armlet toggle.

The game unfolded heavily in EG's favor with fight after fight that would see EG dominate. Aster played passively while they accumulated their net worth to stay on par with EG. During one Roshan fight, EG pulled off another Gobble Up play that drove the crowd wild. Matthew Snapfire shoot Wisper Mars in the midst of the opponent and he landed a quick two-man spear. This spear also caught the carry Shadow Fiend that would die immediately.

Despite the dominance, Aster was still close behind EG in terms of net worth. And one smoke play and a massive Black Hole by Xxs Enigma was all it took for Aster to find their footing. This fight gave Xwy Ember Spirit an Ultra Kill and immediately shifted the tides of the game.

At minute 40, Aster wanted to grab what seemed like a free Aegis to the team. However, Wisper contested Roshan alone, and he managed to snatch the kill and the Aegis. The play slowed down Aster's progress by a little but it wasn't significant enough to give EG any advantage. The next few fights would see Aster crush EG multiple times.

By the late game, it seemed impossible for EG. With a heavily farmed Shadow Fiend and Ember Spirit, on top of an Enigma that was ready to throw a double Black Hole - Aster managed to bounce back. The series goes to game 3.

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