The first day of Stockholm Major sees Evil Geniuses at the bottom of Group A.

The Stockholm Major kicked off today and we are already seeing some interesting results. The first day of Group Stage in Group A sees world-renowned Evil Geniuses at the bottom of the standings with a 0-4 blow.

With returning TI-winner Jerax leading EG this DPC, EG had a slow rise to conquering the North American region. They entered Stockholm Major as the top seed of NA, but things aren’t looking so great for the team on the first day of the event. 

Evil Geniuses dropped 0-2 to both Tundra Esports and T1

Cr1t at the Stockholm Major. Credit: ESL

During the first series at the Stockholm Major, Evil Geniuses faced a powerful opponent, Tundra Esports. They had a tough time maneuvering through Tundra’s movement. The European team was reading each and every step of EG, not letting any mistakes be left unexploited. The first game was a complete stomp, however, EG did seem to perform better in the second game. They had valuable kills and even a cheesy Aegis steal, however, Tundra quickly adjusted to secure the series.

EG’s second series was against SEA’s powerhouse, T1. And unfortunately, the storyline of how this series went down is about the same as Tundra. The first game was a clean win for T1 and EG actually recuperated in the second game. But after a high ground struggle, EG eventually lost a massive 18K net worth lead and dropped the series 0-2.

EG needs to bounce back to avoid elimination

Evil Geniuses haven’t seemed to find their footing at the Stockholm Major just yet. But of course, these are only the first few games of the Group Stage. There is a sea of possibilities ahead of us and things can take a drastic turn anytime during the event. Evil Geniuses did look shaky but not completely incompetent. Perhaps their run at this Major might just be a similar show to EG at the North American Regional League – which witnessed a slow and steady rise to a stable performance.

Right after EG’s match against Tundra, Sneyking talked about his view on how each region would do. He stated that North America would be at the bottom of Stockholm Major together with South America, based on his scrim experiences. Will EG prove them wrong? Only time would tell.

As for now, EG sees itself at the bottom of Group A with a 0-4 result.

Current standings of the Stockholm Major 2022

EG’s opponent for tomorrow will be the formidable BOOM Esports. You can find the full, updated schedule and results of the Stockholm Major 2022 here.

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