All teams qualified for ESL One Birmingham cover image

All teams qualified for ESL One Birmingham

ESL One Birmingham will welcome twelve teams to United Kingdom this April!

The first LAN tournament of the ESL Pro Tour, ESL One Birmingham, has kickstarted its operations. With the Closed Qualifiers hot in action, more teams are set to qualify for the event in United Kingdom. Keep track with all teams of ESL One Birmingham below!

If you want to check the complete schedule for the ESL One Birmingham Closed Qualifiers, click below!

ESL One Birmingham teams

  • Gaimin Gladiators - Direct Invite
  • BetBoom Team - Direct Invite
  • Xtreme Gaming - Direct Invite
  • Team Liquid - Direct Invite
  • Team Spirit - EEU Qualifier
  • Talon Esports - SEA Qualifier
  • Shopify Rebellion - NA Qualifier
  • Klim Sani4 - #2 EEU Qualifier
  • Tundra Esports - WEU Qualifier
  • G2.iG - CN Qualifier
  • Team Falcons - MEDA Qualifier
  • Heroic - SA Qualifier

ESL One Birmingham to bring twelve of the world's best

ESL One Birmingham will be the first LAN event of the EPT Dota 2 circuit. From April 22 - 26, Birmingham, United Kingdom will open its gates to passionate Dota 2 fans. This is a nostalgic return as two Major tournaments have been hosted in the same location before.

Dota 2 is now saturated with many top tier teams, but this event will only welcome twelve of the world's best. Four teams earned direct invites via the EPT Ranking. While eight more will prevail from the regional qualifiers. All regions will have one qualifying team except for Eastern Europe which will have two teams advancing to ESL One Birmingham.

A breakdown of the teams

Four teams which received direct invites are are Gaimin Gladiators, BetBoom Team, Xtreme Gaming, and Team Liquid. It's no surprise to see these teams make it into the list as they dominated ESL tournaments from 2023. While Gaimin Gladiators and Team Liquid undoubtedly conquered the finals, BetBoom Team was consistently in the top placement.

Xtreme Gaming, however, is a unique case as a majority of its players were from Azure Ray. These players had won a chunk of EPT points from the ESL One Kuala Lumpur, bringing along the points to Xtreme Gaming when they switched teams. XG would also be an interesting watch as the team fields the returning legend, Wang "Ame" Chunyu, who had been on hiatus for the past year.

The Eastern Europe qualifier sees none other than Team Spirit easily bagging the first qualifying slot. The two-time TI champions obliterated the Upper Bracket, but not without a bit of challenge from Yellow Submarine and

Talon Esports qualified for ESL One Birmingham.<br>(Image via <a href="">Brando Oloan</a>)
Talon Esports qualified for ESL One Birmingham.
(Image via Brando Oloan)

The second team qualified for ESL One Birmingham is Talon Esports. Even though the organization itself is a familiar name, it now fields an entirely new roster. And much to the community's surprise, Talon Esports managed to remain on top. The team started with a Lower Bracket run in the SEA Closed Quals following a tight loss against Geek Fam. But they showcased their perseverance and eventually found a rematch in the finals, defeating Geek Fam with a 3-0 sweep.

North America sees Shopify Rebellion continue its regional dominance, consecutively beating nouns in the grand final. Next is Klim Sani4, a new rising force in Eastern Europe. The team comprises known players from notable teams of the region such as CIS Rejects, HYDRA, and PuckChamp.

The winner of Western Europe went to Tundra Esports. Interestingly, they managed to finally beat OG after consecutive losses throughout the month. Tundra seemed polished and ready with their freshly created lineup. This also means that OG failed to qualify for a tournament for the first time this year.

The Chinese qualifier concluded with an insanely epic grand final series. A series between G2.iG and Azure Ray took place and stretched for more than five hours! This also broke the record for the longest Dota 2 series of all time. G2.iG is the eventual winner.

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region unpacked the usual storyline. While Nigma Galaxy continued to struggle, PSG Quest and Team Falcons remained on top. The grand final once again saw Team Falcons triumph over PSG Quest, taking one more tournament qualification in the bag.

And finally, South America saw Heroic qualify to its second tournament of the year. Heroic first made it to the DreamLeague Season 22 and now made it through for ESL One Birmingham. In both grand finals, Heroic played against BOOM Esports. In the Birmingham qualifier Heroic almost fell against BOOM but managed to deliver a reverse sweep to take the slot.

With all teams lined up for ESL One Birmingham, all that's left is for fans to anticipate the LAN event in April. Unitl then, stay tuned to for more Dota 2 news and updates!