EG has been eliminated from TI12 by Gaimin Gladiators, with the later team returning to the form we’ve come to expect from them.

Evil Geniuses have been eliminated from The International 2023 by Gaimin Gladiators in the Lower Bracket Round 1. The South American representatives EG found themselves defeat 2-0 by a Gaimin Gladiators squad at TI12 who look to have returned to their Major-winning form.

But EG were no pushovers, taking GG to the limit in the first game of the series. In a 70-minute matchup that saw 60-minute Neutral Items, Gaimin Gladiators hung on for dear life to secure a victory. Despite a huge gold lead for GG, EG were able to push the game so long the gold didn’t matter. But in a situation where any wrong move could spell disaster, the cool, calm, and collected Gladiators closed things out after a fantastic performance from Quinn "Quinn" Callahan and Marcus "Ace" Christensen.

In game two, GG wasn’t prepared to let things get close, and with a really deadly draft, outclassed EG. Perhaps the most crucial pick was the Dazzle of Ace, which was able to keep the rest of the Cores alive in the most dire situation. In one fight, Dazzle’s Shallow Grave prevented Anton "dyrachyo" Shkredov from dying three times.

Ultimately, the Core Dazzle was too much for EG, and they found themselves dropping out of TI12, defeated 2-0.

With the loss, South America has just one representative left at TI12, Brazilian squad Keyd Stars. This stack will face BetBoom Team on Oct. 22 with the chance that the entirety of SA could be eliminated ahead of the final weekend of the tournament. 

With their elimination EG takes home around $46,000 in prize money from TI12, dependent on final TI12 Prize Pool. Gaimin Gladiators, on the other hand, will continue on today to Lower Bracket Round 2, where they’ll face 9Pandas, a team they have somewhat of a rivalry with. The beef between Roman "RAMZES666" Kushnarev and Quinn was confirmed “legit” and this grudge match will certainly be something to see.