All 16 teams qualified for $1 million DreamLeague S22 cover image

All 16 teams qualified for $1 million DreamLeague S22

Sixteen teams will be playing for a million dollar prize pool and EPT points.

All 16 qualified teams for DreamLeague S22 have now been decided. This marks the first ESL Pro Tour tournament of the year, though not the season's inaugural event.

DreamLeague Season 22 comes with a $1 million prize pool, despite being an online event. Four invited teams secured their spots based on their performance in both DreamLeague Season 21 and ESL One Kuala Lumpur, both held by the end of 2023.

DreamLeague Season 22 Qualified Teams

  1. BetBoom Team (4000 EPT Points)
  2. Gaiming Gladiators (4000 EPT Points)
  3. Xtreme Gaming1 (3360 EPT Points)
  4. Team Liquid (3200 EPT Points)
  5. OG (WEU Qualifiers)
  6. Tundra Esports (WEU Qualifiers)
  7. Team Secret (WEU Qualifiers)
  8. Team Spirit (EEU Qualifiers)
  9. Virtus.Pro (EEU Qualifiers)
  10. Klim Sani4 (EEU Qualifiers)
  11. Azure Ray (CN Qualifiers)
  12. G2.iG (CN Qualifiers)
  13. Aurora (SEA Qualifiers)
  14. Team Falcons (MENA Qualifiers)
  15. Shopify Rebellion (NA Qualifiers)
  16. Heroic (SA Qualifiers)

Prize Pool

With the end of the DPC, the ESL Pro Tour is the next step for the pro scene, as there is not much clarity on how to qualify to The International yet. Meanwhile, Riyadh Masters 2024 is a tournament teams can look forward to, and the only way to secure a spot there is through the EPT Leaderboard. For the DreamLeague S22, teams will earn the following prize pool share and points:

Prize money
EPT Points
9th - 10th
11th - 12th
13th - 14th
15th - 16th
The DreamLeague S22 Prize Pool

DreamLeague Season 22 teams will start playing on Feb. 25, and there will be two Group Stages preceding the playoffs. ESL will stream the games across four different Twitch channels. You can follow them here to ensure you don't miss any of the action:

EPT Leaderboard

The second season of the EPT format is already showing teams with a lot of points accumulated. According to the leaderboard, Team Spirit, Team Falcons, OG and G2.iG are really close to the Top 4 placement. This DreamLeague Season 22 will be their best opportunity to climb and avoid playing qualifiers for the next season.

EPT Leaderboard according to <a href="">Liquipedia</a> (screenshot by
EPT Leaderboard according to Liquipedia (screenshot by

With the qualifiers for the next ESL One already announced, there will be a lot more games before the DreamLeague S22 kicks off. Check our Dota 2 section to stay updated!