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DPC SA 2023 Tour 1: Division I – schedule, preview, full details cover image

DPC SA 2023 Tour 1: Division I – schedule, preview, full details


Keep track of the Tour 1 Division I SA DPC here where household names like Evil Geniuses and Alliance LATAM compete.

The South American (SA) Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) will finally begin soon. With a massive roster shuffle season and groundbreaking entrances from the world's top organizations - South America's Dota 2 will be an incredibly interesting spectacle.
The past year saw SA rise to become one of the most prominent regions in Dota 2. It fields strong teams such as beastcoast and Thunder Awaken which achieved impressive results. Hokori, a team that was fairly underestimated, went into TI11 and pulled insane upsets. In 2023, the community undoubtedly has its eyes on the region, especially now with new organizations in its Division I lineup.

DPC SA 2023 Tour 1: Division I details

As usual, South America is handled by 4D Esports, a Spanish-speaking Dota 2 community. The company will also organize an upcoming Dota 2 Major, the Lima Major, for the first time in history.
For Division 1 of South America, the slots allocation and prize pool remain the same as the previous year. The top two of SA Division I will earn a slot in the upcoming Lima Major. The top four earn DPC points and all teams will earn prize winnings.

DPC SA 2023 Tour 1: Division I schedule

The SA DPC for Division I will occur between Jan. 10-29. Here is the schedule (as for now) for the Tour 1 Division I SA DPC.

SA DPC DIV I - Week 1

9:00 AM PT
12:00 PM PT
3:00 PM PT
Jan 10
bc vs KStars
Thunder vs Ravens
[A].LA vs Infinity
Jan 12
EG vs Infinity
INF vs bc
KStars vs Ravens
Jan 15
INF vs [A]/LA
KStars vs Thunder
bc vs Infinity

SA DPC DIV I - Week 2

9:00 AM PT
12:00 PM PT
3:00 PM PT
Jan 17
KStars vs [A].LA
Thunder vs Infinity
EG vs Ravens
Jan 19
INF vs Thunder
bc vs Ravens
KSTars vs EG
Jan 22
[A].LA vs Ravens
Infinity vs KStars

SA DPC DIV I - Week 3

9:00 AM PT
12:00 PM PT
3:00 PM PT
6:00 PM PT
Jan 24
[A].LA vs bc
Infinity vs INF
Thunder vs EG
Jan 26
Ravens vs INF
[A].LA vs EG
bc vs Thunder
Jan 29
Infinity vs Ravens
INF vs KStars
Thunder vs [A].LA
EG vs bc

DPC SA 2023 Tour 1: Division I team preview

In the new season, players remain familiar but there are new organizations in the region that are competing for the SA crown. The eight teams in SA Division I are as follows: Thunder Awaken, beastcoast, INFAMOUS, Alliance.LATAM, Evil Genius, Keyd Stars, Infinity, and Ravens.

Thunder Awaken

  • Aliaksei "Smiling Knight" Svirydau
  • Ricardo "Alone" Fernandez
  • Mario "LittleBoy" Valdivia
  • Miguel "Michael-" Gomez
  • Cristian "Accel" Quispe
Despite an impressive performance last year, Thunder Awaken enters the new season with an entirely new lineup. Smiling Knight, a Belarussian carry, relocates to SA to join TA. Two former INFAMOUS players, Michael- and Accel join the team, alongside an unproven player, LittleBoy. All of them are to be captained by a young, 18-year-old, Alone.


  • Héctor "K1" Rodríguez
  • Herrera "DarkMago" Gonzalo
  • Rafael "Sacred" Yonatan
  • Elvis "Scofield" Peña
  • Steven "StingeR" Mamani 
For the first time since 2019, beastcoast had a shift in its roster to now become a blend of beastcoast and former-Thunder Awaken. Chris Luck and Wisper departed the organization and were replaced by DarkMago and Sacred. The full Peruvian lineup looks very convincing on paper, though it placed third behind TSM and EG in the recent BTS Pro Series Americas.


  • Alonso "Mnz" León
  • Jordan "SLATEM$" Vega
  • Oscar "Oscar" Jimenez
  • Alexis "sl4d1n-" Sitl
  • Romel "Mjz" Quinteros
INFAMOUS sees the return of Mnz, Mjz, Oscar, and sl4d1n who previously wore its colors. The organization also welcomed a new player, SLATEM$ a pubstar of little background information who last played for Balrogs.


  • Edward "Lumière" Valencia
  • João "4nalog" Giannini 
  • Pablo "Vitaly" Roman
  • Thiago "Thiolicor" Cordeiro
  • Brayan "Gardick" Cárdenas 
The Swedish powerhouse, Alliance made a 2nd squad to compete in South America. The Alliance.LATAM team acquired the former Hokori roster which had impressive stints during TI11. Alliance.LATAM had acquired the Division I slot from Tempest which had disbanded last season.

Evil Geniuses

  • Christian "Pakazs" Casanova
  • Jean "Chris Luck" Salazar
  • Adrián "Wisper" Dobles
  • Farith "Matthew" Huamancaja
  • Jose "Pandaboo" Hernandez
EG dropping its long-time players and relocating to SA is one of the biggest surprises of the last roster shuffle season. The once-North American king left its crown to pursue the title in South America. Now fielding former Thunder Awaken and beastcoast players, EG looks powerful, especially after its victory at the BTS Pro Series S13 Americas. EG has acquired the Division I slot from SG esports which disbanded last season.

Keyd Stars

  • Guilherme "Costabile" Costábile
  • Adriano "4dr" Machado
  • Otávio "tavo" Silva 
  • Danylo "Kingrd" Nascimento
  • Matheus "KJ" Diniz
Keyd Stars returns to the competitive scene after 6 years of hiatus and picked up Wolf Team's Division I slot including four of its players. This full Brazillian lineup also sees the return of Costabile in the South American region after a stint in North America under team nouns.


  • David "Parker" Flores
  • Leonardo "Leostyle-" Sifuentes
  • Frank "Frank" Ayala
  • Moises "Genek" Santillan
  • Sergio "Prada" Orihuela
Although Infinity was relegated the last season, it managed to acquire the slot of No Runes in Division 1 of SA DPC to remain ahead. In the new season, Infinity keeps two of its players, Genek and Prada, and welcomed three notable players who last played for INFAMOUS: Parker, Leostyle-, and Frank.


  • David "DaaD-" Perez
  • Jeanpierre "PiPi" Arroyo
  • Benjamín "Benjaz" Barrios
  • José "D1smar" Levano
  • Alejandro "Cara" Mendoza
And last but not least, Ravens, a new label created last month, joins Division I of SA DPC. This team fields a full Peruvian lineup that include SA Dota 2 veteran, Benjaz, former EgoBoys support players, former Infinity midlaner, PiPi, and a carry player, DaaD-, who has little information.

SA DPC's Division I has begun. You can refer to the tournament's Liquipedia page here! Keep track of Winter Tour DPC in other regions on our site:
And stay tuned to for more Dota 2 news and updates!
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