Dota 2’s Summer Client Update offers QoL, Cache, and map changes cover image

Dota 2’s Summer Client Update offers QoL, Cache, and map changes

Valve has released a new update to Dota 2 that’s made numerous improvements and additions to the game, spicing up the client for summer!

Dota 2 looks a little different today (August 30), as Valve releases a surprise update that added both this year’s Collector’s Cache and a huge number of quality of life (QoL) changes to the game. 

These include a transformed Armory that’s much easier to use, a better reporting system, and updated map rendering. Here’s everything you need to know:

Dota 2 Summer Update

There’s a huge number of changes, and we’ve tried to break them down to be easier to digest. Here’s everything you need to know about this Dota 2 Summer Client Update:

Armory Update

The first thing changing is the Armory. Honestly, this part of the client had been one of the most neglected parts, and for most players, it meant scrolling for ages to figure out what you had and if anything could be sold or traded.

Now, the Armory has been overhauled and simplified. It’s now much easier to mess around with cosmetics, and you can even browse through every single cosmetic a hero has, even if you don’t own it. This way, you can preview your perfect set and design something truly amazing for your main.

Collector’s Cache 2023 releases as part of the Dota 2 Summer Update

The Collector’s Cache is the annual treasure that can only be purchased during the International. Most of the time, these cases were available through battle passes, but this time, it’s a straight-up purchase.

Player Behavior

Perhaps the most welcome change of the Summer Update is the new matchmaking and player behavior update. Crucially, now, if you “commend” or “dislike” playing with a player, it actually does something. If you dislike someone, you’ll make sure you’re less likely to play with those players. And if you like them, well, you might just get matched again. There are also changes to how reports and feedback on reports work, and overall, it looks like a fantastic system.

Updated Map Rendering for the Dota 2 Summer Update

Dota has always had some of the best visuals in MOBA games, but these tweaks and changes seem to have gone above and beyond. Now, particle lighting, shadows, and tone mapping have been increased, giving a more vibrant and stylized look that’s still clear and in keeping with the game we know and love.

Dota Plus Fall Update?

An accompanying blog post detailed the fact that the Fall 2023 Dota Plus update is set to begin on September 1, which means just two more days before Dota Plus subscribers get their new boons and details of their past season of games! The update comes with a new set of Dota Plus quests to shore up your shared stash. You can gain over 115,200 shards, and a bunch of new emotes, sprays, and chat wheels are being added for Dota Plus subs.

In-game Dota 2 changes?

The blog also detailed these in-game changes to Dota 2. These aren’t on any main patch notes piece, so we’ve compiled them here.

  • New: Bounty rune spawn locations now show on the minimap before the horn using desaturated icons.
  • New: Added an option to rebind the Alternative Cast Ability switch key under the Advanced Hotkeys Interface tab.
  • New: Optimized Dota’s network traffic. Dota will now use a little less bandwidth all the time and a lot less bandwidth sometimes (for example, in illusion-heavy gameplay).
  • Fixed Invoker Wex sometimes granting the wrong amount of mana regeneration.
  • Fixed Allied Heroes being able to refresh a Hand of Midas that doesn’t belong to them.
  • Fixed Wraith King skeletons sometimes ignoring Wraithfire Blast when selecting their target.
  • Fixed Spirit Breaker having an infinite shield when taking the level 25 talent
  • Fixed Riki’s Level 25 Right Talent not displaying the proper cooldown reduction
  • Fixed being able to blink to one specific location off the top left corner of the map
  • Fixed various tooltip issues with Invoker’s Ghost Walk
  • Fixed universal heroes not showing up correctly in Ability draft UI tooltips.
  • Fixed Overwhelming Blink doing 100 damage over six seconds instead of 100% of the caster’s strength over 6 seconds
  • Fixed Windranger’s Agh’s upgrade invisibility effect not visually applying for allies.

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