Dota 2 Patch 7.31d ‘Battle Report Update’, balance chances, Dota Plus Refresh, Marci in Competitive  cover image

Dota 2 Patch 7.31d ‘Battle Report Update’, balance chances, Dota Plus Refresh, Marci in Competitive 

Patch 7.31d is more than just Dota Plus updates and cosmetics, it’s a chance to see Marci in pro games!

Just as promised, Valve has released the Dota 2 7.31d patch on time and with some big chances to both the base game and Dota Plus. The so-called Battle Report Update features a new mode called Weekend Spotlight, expanded Immortal Spell Effects, a new Clip Builder, and expanded Ignore User features.

On top of this, Marci has finally been added to Captains Mode, so expect to the mute, whistling side-kick in the DPC soon. And, ofcourse, there’s balance changes and tweaks to both Heroes and Items.

Dota Plus Refresh

The biggest on the list of changes are for Dota Plus users.

Battle Report

(image via Valve)
(image via Valve)

The Battle Report is a new feature that analyzes your performance and gives you vital statistics to help you improve. You can also save your favorite highlights and helps you find noteworthy plays. Beyond this it seems to offer a deep analysis system. This is more than just the champion screen showing your wins and losses, this feature will analyze just how well you do in each match. And there's a reward system that gives out shards, ofcourse.

Weekend Spotlight

A new game mode to stockpile more Dota Plus shards. This rotating game mode gives different spotlight games, such as Ability Draft, for you to try. Ability Draft kicks off on June 8-13, but the next game mode, Overthrow Trios, will feature the following weekend, from June 16-20. 

Immortal Spell Effects

Immortal spell effects can now be equipped whatever item your hero is wielding. A nice quality of life change for those with Immortals.

Clip Builder

(image via Valve)
(image via Valve)

An ingame video editor? This seems like a great tool for content creators, allowing clipping directly in-game. Another reason to justify Dota Plus as a business expense!

Improved Avoid Player

(image via Valve)
(image via Valve)

This is another cool system that seems to let you just add notes to remind yourself why you blocked people, and now you can spend shards to expand the list by more.

Additional changes

  • Killstreak Effects, the Summer 2022 Seasonal Treasure, and Seasonal Sets are now purchasable from the Shard Shop.
  • Hero Relics can now be purchased by all players, not just Dota Plus players
  • Season refresh of Dota Plus adds a potential 115,200 shards to earn, and new Guild Rewards.

Gameplay Changes

(Image via Valve)
(Image via Valve)

There’s a host of changes from the new patch but here’s the biggest ones

Marci in Competitive

Marci has been added to Captains Mode. This means she’s set for the DPC from tomorrow. As big fans of the Hero and Dota: Dragon’s Blood, we’re excited to see her in pro play.

Roshan changes

Roshan will attack visible ward-type units if there’s nothing else around, and will immediately destroy them. This means Serpent Wards, Plague Wards, Proximity Mines, etc. No Shadow Shaman cheese anymore it looks like.

Item Healing Changes

Bracer’s regen got nerfed, and Healing Salve duration is halved when cast on an ally (Clearly valve doesn’t want Supports healing their Carries). Satanic got its lifesteal reduced, while Bloodstone got its Spell lifesteal increased.

Hero Changes for Dota Patch 7.31d

Marci got some tweaks ahead of her Captain’s Mode debut, with Unleash getting its cooldown decreased, and Dispose’s throw distance reduced. Elsewhere a heroes have been tweaked, but no major reworks. A full list of changes is available here.

Overall, this is a fairly significant patch, especially for one several days into a DPC season. However, with no earth shattering changes in Dota 2 Patch 7.31d, it doesn’t seem like players will have too many things to adapt to.