Dota 2 fans complain about Nemestice BattlePass yet 839,000+ have been purchased cover image

Dota 2 fans complain about Nemestice BattlePass yet 839,000+ have been purchased

The controversial Nemestice Battlepass has been purchased by a large number of people, with some putting a lot of money into it… like a LOT.

The Nemestice Battlepass has been out for about a week now, and reactions have been mixed. A number of people in the community have expressed discomfort that this BattlePass will not fund anything in particular. Others have pointed out that the Spectre Arcana was community voted and locked behind a massive amount of BattlePass levels, paying for it directly would cost $150. Nonetheless, people are still getting the BattlePass.

Highest Nemestice BattlePass Level so far is 18,102 (~$7,541 dollars)

According to, Some people have been spending big bucks on the BattlePass. One person in particular has spent $7,541 on the pass. Now I don’t know the math to work out how many levels that is, but I imagine it’s more than what anyone gets to when these battlepasses come out.

The next highest clocks in at $4,176, which is still considerable amount. Okay it's an obscene amount of cash. The stats from Stratz also outline the amount of people who have purchased the Nemestice BattlePass and who has reached certain levels.

The top 10 highest BattlePass levels <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">according to</a> (July 1st 2021)
The top 10 highest BattlePass levels according to (July 1st 2021)

As of July 1st 2021, over 839,000 people have purchased the Nemestice BattlePass, and thousands have already reached some of the highest tier rewards.

According to Stratz, 13,875 people have reached the naked Davion emoji, which is one of the last of the rewards, and requires a level 500 BattlePass. Meanwhile, 61,330 people have gotten to the Spectre Arcana, a level 330 reward.

Level 195 - Davion Persona unlocked - 11% of BattlePass Owners
Level 276 - Invoker Persona unlocked - 9% of BattlePass Owners
Level 330 - Spectre Arcana unlocked - 7% of BattlePass Owners
Level 500 - Davion naked emoji - 1.6% of BattlePass Owners

Regardless of your opinions on the Nemestic BattlePass it’s interesting to see that despite different perceptions of the BattlePass, people have still invested a lot of time and money into it. With another BattlePass announced by Valve in the future, we may see people still continue to spend money on these passes, despite disagreements with the payment model.

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