Dota 2 players execute perfect dive bomb with Centaur and Snapfire cover image

Dota 2 players execute perfect dive bomb with Centaur and Snapfire

When four enemy heroes land on you out of nowhere – it’s not a pleasant experience.

With thousands of matches played every day and hundreds of heroes to choose from, we often see some unique strategies and playstyles in Dota 2. One of the more meme-worthy ultimates in Dota 2 is Centaur’s Hitch-a-Ride where Centaur whips out a cart and starts chauffeuring an ally around. While Centaur’s Aghs is definitely something unique in Dota 2, it is not often quite as useful as one might imagine. But a group of players executed a unique play, a Dota 2 dive bomb, that makes use of a relatively underutilized Aghanim’s upgrade.

What’s going on?

In case you are confused as to what’s going on in the video, we have an explanation. The Dire team, clearly in a massive lead in this Turbo game decided to have some fun. With a 15-4 score and more importantly, a significant item advantage at just 13 minutes in, the players realized they could pull off something fun.

They gather together near the mid-lane and search for an opportunity. The opportunity presents itself when they spot Keeper of the Light going high ground near the Radiant triangle. And then the fun begins. 

With Lifestealer already Infesting Pudge and Pudge using his ultimate on the Underlord, three heroes were inside Pudge. Centaur then uses his ‘Hitch-a-Ride’ to get Pudge in his cart. And the final piece of the puzzle is the Grandma with cookies. Snapfire’s ultimate allows her to gobble up an ally and throw them at a faraway distance. And that’s exactly what happens in this Dota 2 Dive bomb play.

There was no doubt the Dire team would win the team fight. Their lead was too significant for them to lose. While we don’t know the final outcome of the game, this particular fight was a decisive victory for the Dire. 

What is Centaur’s Aghanim upgrade?

The offlaner's Aghanim's upgrade saw a change in patch 7.32d. Centaur tosses an ally into a cart hitched behind him. While in the cart, the ally can still cast and attack normally. But he cannot move independently or be targeted by opponents. Non-targeted effects can still affect the hitched ally. Increases the attack range of melee heroes by 200.

The strength hero’s upgrade allows him to place an ally on a cart. Centaur is able to wheel around the cart with his ally behind him. Now while the ally can shoot and cast abilities from the cart, he cannot move on his own. And probably the best part about Centaur’s Hitch-a-ride is that the ally cannot be targeted by opponents, essentially protecting him from a lot of abilities. AOE abilities will still affect the ally including area-of-effect stuns and disables such as Ravage, Blackhole, or even Lion’s hex (after the level 25 talent). 

Whether the aghanim’s upgrade is a good one is still up for debate, mostly because Centaur is seen as a front-line tank hero that needs to go in first. On the other hand, the Hitch-a-ride ability is suited to save an ally and then support them for a period of time.

Plays like this make Dota 2 fun and the community often comes up with unique plays that will make you laugh.