Patch 7.30d drops ahead of The International 10; nerfing Tiny and buffing Broodmother among other adjustments.

Valve reveals a surprise patch, Patch 7.30d just a moment before The International begins. Not many heroes are affected by the new patch. With this update, some are nerfed and buffed while some received minor tweaks on their abilities. Several neutral items also received adjustments in patch 7.30d.

Item and Neutral Item changes in Patch 7.30d

Overwhelming Blink damage is rescaled from 200 +100% strength to 100 + 150% strength.

Tumbler’s Toy cooldown is now 20s instead of 30s. The owner can no longer cast Tumbler's Toy if rooted or leashed. Brigand’s Blade attack damage bonus had a minor increment. Nether Shawl Magic Resistance Bonus was rescaled from 25% to 20% and Spell Amp reduced from 8% to 6%. Mirror Shield and Fallen Sky also received slight nerfs to their attribute bonuses and effect delay respectively.

Hero Changes in Patch 7.30d

A few heroes received quite significant updates. Some of these heroes had really high win-rates in pub matches and as a result Valve thought its a good time to nerf them before TI.

Nerfs Across the Board

The currently popular Tiny received some nerfs. Toss damage was reduced, Tree Grab has a longer cooldown and the unit attack damage bonus reduced from 25% to 20%.

The patch delivered nerfs to Silencer Arcane Curse ability and Last Word’s Scepter radius. The hero had a high win-rate in pubs, partly due to a new item build that helped Silencer have very high DPS.

Tinker can no longer pew, pew, pew as much with its Rearm mana cost increment as well as its rocket damage reduction. With a near 58% win-rate in matchmaking, Tinker has been one of the most successful heroes of the new patch.

Dawnbreaker also sees several nerfs to her abilities. The hero is the latest one to join Captain's Mode and will be seen at TI10. With a new hero comes new strategies and TI10 is sure to see some innovative gameplay.

Dawnbreaker's abilities received updates in Patch 7.30d
Dawnbreaker's abilities received updates in Patch 7.30d

Other small nerfs and tweaks include:

  • Bane’s Brain Sap cooldown
  • Batrider’s base attack damage
  • Gyrocopter’s Flak Cannon mana cost
  • Mars’ God’s Rebuke mana cost
  • Pangolier’s movement speed
  • Sven’s base armor
  • Weaver’s attack damage

But there are a few Buffs too

This patch brings a bunch of great buffs to heroes. 

Broodmother sees her Spin Web charges increase and her Spawn Spiderlings damage notched up. The classic TI hero, Warlock received mana cost reduction for Fatal Bonds, and his Golem’s base health buffed up, including his Scepter Golem. Clinkz’s Burning Barrage received a damage increase and his Level 20 talent also received an adjustment, increasing Burning Barrage arrows from +2 to +3. 

Beastmaster’s Shard got a massive cooldown reduction from 15 to 7. Riki’s Smoke Screen now provides more Miss Chance, Night Stalker’s Talent sees a cooldown reduction to Dark Ascension, and Bristleback’s Warpath stack duration increased.

Other minimal buffs include:

  • Clockwerk’s armor
  • Dazzle’s armor
  • Death Prophet’s Spirit Siphon
  • Naga Siren’s Mirror Image cooldown
  • Phantom Assassin’s Fan of Knives cooldown
  • Pugna’s Nether Blast cast range
  • Timbersaw’s Chakram damage
  • Ursa’s Fury Swipes damage bonus
  • Weaver’s Shard The Swarm cooldown reduction
  • Winter Wyvern’s Arctic Burn cooldown reduction
  • Wraith King’s Mortal Strike critical damage
  • Zeus’ Thundergod’s Wrath damage

The International 10 is on the horizon

The patch 7.30d isn’t quite as massive but considering The International takes place 11 days from now, it might just cause a little ruckus. The grand event will commence on 7th October in Bucharest, Romania. It will be exciting to see what this patch drop means for the upcoming championship.

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