Fly’s team, Talon dropped another series in Division II SEA DPC, slimming the team’s chances of advancing to the upper division.

A hype match in Division II of SEA DPC took place today and we saw the fresh Talon lineup going against Nigma Galaxy SEA. Talon, comprising big names like former EG captain, Tal “Fly” Aizik and former TNC Predator carry, Kim “Gabbi” Villafuerte managed to qualify to Division II through the second Open Qualifiers.

However, the star-studded line-up is not having a good start into the Winter Tour as they drop a series against Nigma Galaxy SEA. Here is what took place during the intense BO3 between Talon and Nigma Galaxy Racer.

Galaxy Racer goes pew pew

NGX Sea had a great start to the first game of the series. The laning phase was nothing too staggering but the mid-lane saw a huge contrast. Alacrity’s Tinker was heavily stacked in XP and net worth by the 13-minute mark, while Mikoto’s Void Spirit was painfully struggling. But the mid game kicked in and Talon managed to take control of the map, securing valuable pick offs and fights.

With an 11k net worth lead, Talon marched into NGX Sea’s territory and initiated a fight, however, after multiple buybacks, NGX Sea prevailed on top of the encounter. NGX Sea began picking up the momentum and conquered the map, eventually ending the game in their favor.

Talon evens the series

The next match witnessed a better start for Talon as compared to game 1. By 20 minutes, Talon accumulated a huge net worth lead and Gabbi’s Luna was miles ahead as compared to inYourdreaM-‘s Phantom Asassin. In a heavily one sided game, NGX Sea attempted to turn the tides. A smoke on smoke encounter saw a long-drawn fight take place, but Talon prevailed convincingly. 

A back-and-forth finale

The final match was that type of game that sees the net worth advantage constantly shifting from one side to the other. 

NGX Sea attempted a high ground push by the 40-min mark but was punished by the strong defenses of Talon. Kpii’s Magnus executed many exceptional Skewers that paved a lot of teamfight wins, but then, NGX Sea showed great coordination to secure the crucial mega creeps. After a hectic final fight, NGX Sea ultimately closes the series 2-1.

Talon Esports can’t afford to drop more series

Prior to this series, Talon found themselves an upset against Polaris Esports after losing 1-2. Now that they have dropped another series against NGX Sea, their scoreline isn’t looking too bright. The current standings of SEA Division II sees Talon in 6th place, behind teams like Army Geniuses, Ragdoll, and Lilgun.

As of now, the chances of Talon getting a Division I promotion is probably slim, as only top two gain promotion. NGX Sea, on the other hand, have previously secured a series against 496 and the win against Talon boosts their standing to 2nd place.

Talon Esports’ next 3 matches:

  • vs Army of Geniuses (Currently 5th with 1-1)
  • vs Lilgun (Currently 4th with 1-1)
  • vs Ragdoll (Currently 3rd with 2-0)

Talon’s next match will be on December 11 against Army Geniuses while NGX Sea will appear on December 13 for a match against InterActive Philippines. We are only into the second week of 2021-2022 DPC so we should keep our eyes peeled for more exciting matchups.

You can refer to more details of Division II SEA DPC here.

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