Dendi and his organization B8 are set to host a Dota 2 charity match to support Ukraine.

Beloved Dota 2 community member Danil "Dendi" Ishutin recently announced that he is going to host a Dota 2 charity match. The charity match is set to be held on September 30th at 17:00 CST. Working in tandem with the United24 charity, Dendi, and his organization B8 Esports, and other Dota 2 community will be raising money to support Ukraine. Viewers can help donate to the cause and can even win a bunch of different gaming prizes.

The Players for Dendi's charity match

Dendi is set to host the charity match rather than play in it. But who can we expect to play in such a show match? Well, influential Dota 2 community members have signed up and rallied to the cause. Some of the names included were Jenkins, Baumi and SirActionSlacks to name a few and the full list is below. All the players are some of the funniest, meme-ist, and popular streamers and content creators of the Dota 2 community. And for sure, they'll be putting on quite the charity match. The full list of participants in the event is as follows:

  • Jenkins
  • SirActionSlacks
  • Admiral Bulldog
  • Sing Sing
  • BSJ
  • Synderen
  • Cap
  • Wagamama
  • Qojqva
  • Baumi

Prizes and Support

By donating, viewers can earn a bunch of different prizes throughout Dendi's charity match. With the donations, there are laptops, headsets, gaming mice and gaming keyboards all up for grabs. And who knows, by watching maybe the pre-TI blues will wash away right before the last chance qualifiers start up. All the benefits go towards the United24 organization that is a government charity that supports Ukraine. The charity focuses on rebuilding, medical aid and defense of Ukraine.

You can tune in on September 30th on Dendi's Twitch channel to watch the charity match. For more Dota 2 content, and coverage of the upcoming Last Chance Qualifiers for The International 11, stick around on!