All thirteen new hero sets and cosmetics.

Crownfall Act II presents the new Crownfall Treasure III, offering thirteen different sets and cosmetics for you to grab. The treasure itself costs roughly $3 but you can get it for free via the Main Quest and other methods. With every treasure opened, you'll get one random hero set from the lineup. Let's check out all sets in the Crownfall Treasure III!

All sets and cosmetics in Crownfall Treasure III

The treasure comprises sets for Shadow Fiend, Bane, Queen of Pain, Mars, Treant Protector, Death Prophet, Visage, Alchemist, Jakiro, Oracle, Phantom Lancer, Anti-Mage, and a courier. Take a look at the individual sets below!

  • Shadow Fiend "Raven Harvest"
  • Bane "Tome of Infinite Terror"
  • Queen of Pain "The Rose of Ristul"
  • Mars "Mars Gallus"

This set includes a new animation.

  • Treant Protector "Spina Infernalis"
  • Death Prophet "Draconic Requiem"

This set includes ambient effects and a "Wearable" for its ghosts during Exorcism.

  • Visage "Grimfeather the Grotesque"

Visage's set provides two separate cosmetics for two different slots. One is a Head cosmetic and the other is an Armor cosmetic. You will also get a new look Visage's Familiars.

  • Alchemist "Potion Potentate"
  • [RARE] Jakiro "Barding of Balaur"

This set comes with ambient effects.

  • [RARE] Oracle "Prophecies of Pavo"

This set comes with ambient effects.

  • [VERY RARE] Phantom Lancer "Flock of Avilliva"

The Phantom Lancer set comes with ambient effects and a new Taunt.

  • [ULTRA RARE] Anti-Mage "Pinions of Piety"

This set not only gives you a free Anti-Mage persona, it also brings two new styles. The first style decorates the Persona Anti-Mage in a purple ambient, meanwhile the second one paints the hero darker with black and blue ambience.

  • [COSMICALLY RARE] Servant of Scree-Auk Baby Roshan courier

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