Cart to the rescue! Collapse pulled off sick plays with Centaur Warrunner Agh’s upgrade cover image

Cart to the rescue! Collapse pulled off sick plays with Centaur Warrunner Agh’s upgrade

Not bad for a meme ability.

It seems like the TI10 champions have taken a liking to the peculiar Aghanim's Scepter upgrade for Centaur Warrunner. During the first three days of Lima Major's Group Stage, Team Spirit picked up the Agh's upgrade on Centaur Warrunner multiple times and they absolutely smashed the Uber game.

Throughout the Lima Major so far, Centaur Warrunner has only been picked 13 times and five of them were by Team Spirit. Another team that loved picking this tanky centaur is Gaimin Gladiators but apart from that this strength hero is obviously not very popular. However, Centaur is currently Collapse's most-played hero and he, in particular, loved picking up the niche Aghanim's Scepter. Let's take a look at the sickest plays Collapse made with the "Hitch a Ride" ability.

Collapse's Centaur to the rescue!

In game one against TSM, Collapse had picked up the Agh's upgrade but didn't really use it until the final moments. Fans can only hear caster, SUNSfan, screaming for Collapse to use "Hitch a Ride" throughout the game and he finally did in the least climatic way at the end of the match. You can find this moment at minute 55.

While that wasn't very exciting, the next Centaur games saw some amazing cart plays. In game one against Talon, Collapse turned his cart into an ambulance and delivered one of the sickest rescues ever seen. At minute 35, Spirit was pushing high ground and when they wanted to retreat, Talon quickly caught their fleeing opponents with Elder Titan's Echo Stomp. Q's Mirana released a lethal arrow to Mira's Rubick but Collapse clutched an immaculate save with his "Hitch a Ride" ability.

In game two against EHOME, Collapse's Centaur picked up the Agh's upgrade once again. He pulled off a few plays with the cart, saving Larl's Storm Spirit who was near death, and Yatoro's Terrorblade from Monkey King's AoE ultimate. Despite the game ending in a loss, that "Hitch a Ride" ability was a nuisance for the enemy team.

About "Hitch a Ride" - Centaur Warrunner's Agh's upgrade

In August 2022, Patch 7.32 introduced a rework for Centaur Warrunner's Aghanim's Scepter upgrade. The strength hero can now also function as an Uber ride with its new "Hitch a Ride" ability. This spell allows Centaur to grab an ally, put them on his cart, and drive them around. The ally can still attack and cast spells but can't move independently. They would also be immune but vulnerable to non-targeted spells.

This ability sure sounds exciting but no teams would really pick up Aghs on Centaur - at least not in the past few months. To many, this spell is more comical than it can ever be useful. But it seems like certain players - mainly Collapse - have found a use for this niche upgrade. We might see more cart plays by Collapse's Centaur in the future so keep your eyes peeled!

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