Chinese pros react to Knights’ cheating controversy cover image

Chinese pros react to Knights’ cheating controversy

Knights was recently accused of using hacks in China DPC Div I matches. However, some Chinese pros believe Knights did not cheat.

Two days ago (January 11), a rising team in the China Dota Pro Circuit (DPC), Knights, was caught in a cheating controversy. The team, comprising notable players from China and Malaysia, was accused of using map hacks in the official matches of CN DPC.

This accusation arose just a few days after it almost won against Team Aster and convincingly defeated PSG.LGD - both being the powerhouses of China. The organizer, Perfect World, has taken the matter to Valve and is waiting for the final verdict.

Some players have spoken out about the issue including TI10 winner, Wu "Sneyking" Jingjun, who stated that the video analysis is "pretty damning". But in the Chinese region itself, there were conflicting arguments. Team Aster has voiced out their suspicion against Knights, however, renowned veterans, Lu "Somnus" Yao and Xu "fy" Linsen, are not convinced.

Team Aster reportedly suspects Knights of foul play

According to Twitter user, @Tr1H4rd3rDota2, rumors circulated that Team Aster has suspicions of foul play after their DPC series against Knights.

Team Aster is arguably the strongest Chinese team at the moment, having placed 4th at the last TI. But Knights delivered a toe-to-toe performance that saw them almost grab the series win on January 6. Aster's carry player, Monet, and former Aster coach, Lanm, had liked posts regarding the cheating accusations. This might indicate both players' suspicions against Knights.

fy and Somnus defend Knights

@Tr1H4rd3rDota2 also shared translations from fy's and Somnus' livestreams. Both players seem to reject the possibility of Knights using map hacks in a DPC match.

In his livestream, fy voiced his opinion. He believes pro players will not use hacks and when a person is playing well, accusing them of using hacks is really insulting. He also stated that "everybody knows FelixCiaoBa (pos 4 for Knights) is a really good player."

Somnus shares the same sentiment in his recent livestream. His instincts told him that pro players won't use hacks and he sternly believes in that. He also feels that using hacks in DPC Division I games sound ridiculous.

Foul plays in the past

Cheating scandals in high-level Dota 2 aren't common but there has been an alarming rise of banned players as of late. In December 2022, 10 players including notable, rising players were permanently banned from Valve due to account sharing.

Another case involving in-game hacks was seen in SEA DPC 22/23 Winter Tour Closed Qualifier. Myanmar carry player, KSH, who was playing for YANGON GALACTICOS received a lifetime ban due to scripting during the tournament.

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