Chinese Div I DPC team Knights is allegedly using a form of vision hack software. Perfect World has reported the case to Valve.

The uprising team known as Knights are rapidly climbing up the ranks of China Dota 2 Pro Circuit (DPC). A newly formed roster that acquired Royal Never Give Up's Div I slot, Knights have defeated some of the strongest contenders in the CN DPC, such as Invictus Gaming and PSG.LGD.

However, on the second week of China DPC and just a day after they destroyed PSG.LGD 2-0, Knights were allegedly caught cheating within their games. It was apparently a form of vision hack software that allowed players to pinpoint enemies and ward locations.

A "damning" look for Dota 2 Team Knights

Tundra Esports captain and TI11 champion Wu "Sneyking" Jingjun commented that Knights' situation looked "pretty damning" based on a video he viewed on Chinese video sharing platform Bilibili. The video is created by 杰出哥 (JieChuGe), a former community caster and current Bilibili content creator. collaborated with Chinese Dota community ambassador and former Quincy Crew social media manager, David Shi to get a summary translation. In the video, JieChuGe suspected that Knights might be cheating. In order to corroborate his claims, he purchased the said cheat from a foreign website to test his theory. The cheat works exactly like Slark's ultimate whereby Knights' hero avatars will flash white when they are under enemy vision. Additionally, they have made various decisions that warranted suspicion, including knowing where to de-ward the enemy jungle, smoking without de-warding and unusual pings.

JieChuGe then expressed his disappointment in Knights, considering that they are a bunch of promising upstarts who beat PSG.LGD and iG, and even made Team Aster shake. He concluded by stating that there is a 90 percent probability that Knights were in fact guilty of cheating.

Knights heroes flash white to indicate ward positioning (Based on JieChuGe's video)
Knights heroes flash white to indicate ward positioning (Based on JieChuGe's video)

Perfect World reports evidence to Valve

Perfect World responded to the aforementioned video. The statement translates as: "Thank you JieChuGe and all friends for your attention to the DPC! We have sorted out the relevant information last weekend and provided it to Valve. The decision to deal with it needs to be confirmed by Valve before it can be implemented."

It is not confirmed whether one or all of the players were involved. Perfect World has collected all evidence and reported to Valve.

Perfect World's statement on the alleged cheating.
Perfect World's statement on the alleged cheating.

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