OG fans were dealt a painful blow yesterday as Ceb announced his retirement from “the highest levels of Dota 2 competition”

Sébastien “Ceb” Debs has stepped down from the main roster of OG and as he puts it, retired from the highest level of competition. In a video posted on October 18th, Ceb outlined his choice to step back from competing and a desire to help other players compete.

In the video, Ceb outlines the reasons for his decision: “I knew before TI10 that I was gonna retire… I did not share it with my teammates because I didn’t want this to be about me.” He continued, explaining that the balance between drive and motivation had eroded somewhat after winning TI twice in his illustrious career.

In the post, Ceb also makes reference to stepping down from OG at the start of 2020. Ceb also previously unofficially retired from active play in 2016, as his active playing opportunities dried up. However, after becoming coach for OG in 2016, he was eventually forced onto the active roster when the team needed him most.

But according to Ceb: “I don’t have the fire anymore. Last time I retired I had the fire.” This makes this announcement sound much more final than ever before. But even the wording of this latest decision leaves space for a return. “Stepping away from the highest level of competitive Dota” is a very strange and roundabout way of saying “retiring” after all.

Ceb retires leaving behind a monumental legacy

Even so, OG fans must assume for now that the team will not play with Ceb in the 2021-2022 DPC season. And Ceb leaves behind a remarkable legacy with the team. As previously mentioned, Ceb joined the team in 2016 under the moniker 7ckngMad. As OG’s coach, he oversaw a resurgence for the team.

However, in 2018, Ceb became a stand-in, before becoming a full-time player for OG just before TI8. There OG defied the odds and lifted the Aegis in victory. Yet the squad wasn’t done yet. With a returning Ceb in 2019, the team once again shocked the world. They became the only team in history to win TI twice. And perhaps the only team that ever will win it two times in a row.

Regardless of what Ceb does next, his legacy in OG and in Dota 2 as a whole is cemented in history.

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