The event’s 10th edition has been confirmed, and will likely be the first to feature the new patch.

In between the misery of waiting for roster news and the regionals - Dota 2 fans will have something other than the patch to look forward to in the very near future. BeyondTheSummit have announced the BTS Pro Series Season 10 for February to March 6th for the SEA and Americas regions!

Along with the announcement of the event, the full list of teams invited were concurrently revealed.

Invited Teams for BTS Pro Series Season 10

BTS Pro Series Season 10 - South-East Asia

Phase 1 Teams:

  1. Lilgun
  2. Team M Y
  3. Kobolds
  4. Ragdoll
  5. Army Geniuses
  6. Yangon Galacticos
  7. Polaris Esports
  8. Motivate.Trust

Phase 2 Teams:

  1. OB.Neon
  2. Execration
  3. T1

BTS Pro Series Season 10 - Americas

Phase 1 Teams:

  1. Simply TooBased
  2. APU King of Kings
  3. The Cut
  4. LAVA
  5. Team Dogchamp
  6. Hokori
  7. Arkosh Gaming
  8. Infinity

Phase 2 Teams:

  1. Wildcard Gaming
  2. Thunder Predator
  3. Infamous
  4. 4Zoomers
  5. Quincy Crew

What is the BTS Pro Series Season 10 format?

The tournament details are unclear at present although Beyond The Summit will most likely follow a format similar to previous editions.

Unlike its predecessors, this edition of the BTS Pro Series doesn't have qualifiers of any sort. On top of that, it appears that the tournament will have multiple "phases". This could likely mean a format like one we'd see at a Major - with a Wildcard, Group and Playoffs Stage.

Instead, it seems the Phase 1 teams will be battling it out during the slated period of 5th to 9th Feb. From there, teams that place highly will presumably move on to Phase 2 - taking place from 14th to 28th Feb.

  • Phase 1: February 5-9.
  • Phase 2: February 14-28

Lastly, the event supposedly ends on March 6th, alluding to a currently unannounced stage to finish things off. The BTS Pro Series Season 10 has a $100,000 prize pool. The organizers have not announced the prize pool distribution across the two regions.

There are some surprising notable absentees from the tournament. The newly signed TSM organization will not be playing in the Americas region, while Nigma Galaxy is absent for the SEA region.

A Quick Season 9 Recap

For those unlucky enough to miss BTS Pro Series Season 9 - it was an absolute treat to watch. A large part was because it was top-tier Dota 2 right after TI10 had concluded to boot.

In the SEA region, it was then newly-minted super-team BOOM Esports that took the trophy over Polaris with style. This would be but a prelude to their complete domination in the now complete SEA DPC Regional League, only losing to former kings T1.

Coincidentally, the Americas region had a similar story - with the stars being Thunder Predator instead. They, too, had a new change of sponsor (previously NoPing) and blasted through the SA DPC going undefeated.

Both have been invited to defend their title - but only time will tell if they will remain triumphant, or if a new challenger can take the throne.

Recently, Valve finally announced a date for the next Dota 2 patch that will release on February 23. This makes BTS 10 one of the first tournaments (maybe even the first) to play out on the new patch.

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