BOOM Esports finally unveils its full roster for DPC 2023. While retaining some of its old players, the org also welcomes a surprising addition!

After what seemed like ages of teasing, BOOM Esports finally revealed their 2023 Dota 2 roster. Curiosities were left to brew and simmer as they went on to introduce each player one at a time -very slowly.

BOOM Esports' full lineup is as follows:

  1. John "Natsumi-" Vargas
  2. Erin "Yopaj" Ferrer
  3. Saieful "Fbz" Ilham
  4. Kenny "Xepher" Deo
  5. Yap "xNova" Jian Wei
  6. Chai "Mushi" Yee Fung (Coach)
BOOM Esports roster reveal.
BOOM Esports roster reveal.

Three BOOM members stick together

Even though they lost Timothy "TIMS" Randrup, Rolen "skem" Ong and Souliya "JaCkky" Khoomphetsavong, BOOM managed to keep Fbz, Yopaj, and Mushi in the team and will be happy to retain some level of familiarity.

The boy who cried "Mama aku di TI"

Fbz will no longer be the lone wolf in this Indonesian-based organization. With Xepher now a part of the team, will there be a new Indonesian sensation that will sweep the nation?

Can't be a BOOM roster without representation from the Philippines

There is bound to be a Filipino blood that completes BOOM Esports and this time around, it will be Natsumi. He is a well-respected carry in the region, having just won the APAC Predator League in Japan under Polaris Esports' banner.

No longer alone on stage, xNova joins BOOM Esports' roster

Out of all the announcements, the arrival of xNova in BOOM Esports' roster is certainly the most surprising. The Malaysian pos 5 marks his return to SEA after playing in the China region for 5 years. Having played under prestigious teams such as EHOME and PSG.LGD which saw remarkable victories, xNova would bring his valuable experience on board.

He also became the talk of town at TI11, fighting on stage alone after all his teammates were isolated due to COVID. But we put the teddy bears and the lone story in the past as xNova begins his new journey with the Indonesian org.

An exciting new chapter for BOOM

BOOM Esports' roster reveal took a lot longer than many expected but it was certainly worth the wait. This lineup looks promising but of course, the main challenge would be finding chemistry. Can the new squad push an early dominance in SEA or will they need some time to connect?

Nevertheless, we will see BOOM Esports' new roster in action in the upcoming DPC 2022/2023 in SEA Division I.

Stick around for more Dota 2 roster news.