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Brodota builds to beat higher levels and get better rewards

A comprehensive guide on how to create the best build in Brodota to beat the higher difficulty levels and get better rewards.

Brodota is a new and fun Dota 2 custom game that provides an excellent distraction from the daily MMR grind. The game is currently third in terms of daily active players of 3,500, according to One of the reasons for its popularity is the challenge that makes you want to come back for more. Brodota is a roguelike game with many levels to tackle, rewards to unlock, and a solid progression system. We have prepared a step-by-step guide on how to create the best Brodota builds to reach the higher difficulty levels as quickly as possible.

If you don't already know what Brodota is, check out our article below for a quick overview on the basics of how to play the game.

Step 1: Choose a role

Brodota screenshot (Image via Sunlight Studio)
Brodota screenshot (Image via Sunlight Studio)

The first piece of advice you'll get if you want to rank up in Dota 2 is to choose a role and spam a hero. The same applies to Brodota. In this game, there are three types of heroes: S-Strike, Precise, and Arcane. This is similar to Dota 2's Strength, Agility, and Intelligence. So first you need to choose a hero that you wish to specialize in. Then, across the 20 rounds of a single Brodota session, you will have the opportunity to upgrade your stats accordingly, which we will guide you in the next step.

Step 2: Building up your stats

A Brodota session has 20 rounds of battling hordes of monsters. There is a shopping phase between each round where you can buy the appropriate skills and items for your hero. It does take a little bit of luck as not all of them are relevant. You will need to spend money to refresh the shop until you find the ones you need to enhance your stats. There are two types of stats in Brodota: primary and secondary.

Primary stats

Primary stats (Image via Sunlight Studio)
Primary stats (Image via Sunlight Studio)

You generally want to upgrade all of your primary stats. However, most of the items you purchase will have trade offs. For example, an item that boosts S-Strike damage may reduce Precise damage. This is exactly the reason you need to focus on one type. Below is the effect of each primary stat:

Primary Stat
Attack power
Skill damage is proportionate to attack power
Cooldown speed
The cooldown time of skill releases
Critical rate
Chance to do critical damage and damage multiplier
Additional damage
Extra damage from offensive secondary stats (further explained)
S-Strike damage
Main damage output for S-Strike heroes and skills
Precision damage
Main damage output for Precise heroes and skills
Arcane damage
Main damage output for Arcane heroes and skills
Your base health points and bonuses
Health regeneration
Health regeneration per second of 0.1% per of base health per point
Hit recovery
Lifesteal from the the damage upon each skill hit
Provides damage reduction
Evasion rate
Chance to dodge enemy attacks (default 60%)
Skill search and effective range
Movement speed
Movement speed starts at 400. Below = negative movement speed
Affects the item quality appearing in shops as well as chests drop in arena
Provides additional income prior to shopping round

Secondary stats

Secondary stats (Image via Sunlight Studio)
Secondary stats (Image via Sunlight Studio)

Secondary stats have factors that affect the general environment of your game and, more importantly, a subset of stats that enhance your hero's damage output. With each hero type, there are a specific subset of stats that you need to prioritize throughout your game. Below, we have summarized the stats you need to pick up in your game through items for each hero type.

Steep-Strike rate
Precise projectile speed
Arcane skill range
Steep-Strike speed
Multishot rate
Burst duration
Steep-Strike damage
Multishot damage
Boss burst duration
Sweep Slash damage
Bounce rate
Burst speed
Steep-Strike range
Increase bounce range
Burst cooldown speed
S-Strike block
Bounce damage
Burst damage

Besides that, you will have to choose and combine your skills accordingly to form the best bonds to maximize your damage output. There are 73 hero skills to choose from and each of them specializes in either S-Strike, Precise, or Arcane. To learn more about bonds, check out our starter Brodota guide.

Step 3: Upgrade your equipment and collections

At the end of each Brodota session, you will receive various equipment, refinement materials, and other rewards. They contribute to improving a third component of stats, which are your off-game stats. These are only upgradeable outside the 20 rounds of Brodota using the equipment you gained through winning.

Equipment and inventory dashboard (Image via Sunlight Studio)
Equipment and inventory dashboard (Image via Sunlight Studio)

The six types of equipment are: 1) Weapons, 2) Armor, 3) Pants, 4) Helmet, 5) Gloves, and 6) Shoes. They possess three main off-game stats, and these are native to each weapon and are transferable. They also hold four additional off-game stats that you can modify using fragments. To get these fragments, you need to disassemble unwanted weapons.

You will also acquire other refinement materials through disassembly, which you will need to increase your equipment's level. Equipment can be upgraded to level 60 at the moment. Equipment also has tier and grade levels. The best grade is the orange-colored one, which signifies legendary equipment and can go all the way to tier six. In order to get better equipment, you will need to challenge higher levels within the game.

Stats to prioritize in Brodota equipment (Image via Sunlight Studio)
Stats to prioritize in Brodota equipment (Image via Sunlight Studio)

As for the off-game stats, you primarily want to focus on Crushing Rate, Crushing Damage, and Final Damage. While there is no exact explanation on how they affect the outcome of a game, these are the stats that the best Brodota players focus on based on the ranking leaderboard. Furthermore, keep a close lookout on the following fragments when you disassemble your unused equipment:

  • Crushing Rate
  • Crushing Damage
  • More Crushing Damage
  • Final Damage
  • Base Equipment Attributes %
  • Base All Attributes Increased
  • Base Attack Power Increased

These fragments can be inserted into your best equipment using the "smelt" feature in the game. We will cover more details on equipment refinement in a future guide.

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