The APAC Predator League 2022 returns in-person after 3 years, making its first entrance in Japan. Check out more of the tournament details here!

The Asia Pacific Predator League 2022 announced its arrival in June 2022, welcoming the return of an offline grand final after three long years. Aside from that, Predator Gaming also revealed that the live event will take place in Japan for the first time! The event featuring two titles, PUBG and Dota 2, is now on the horizon so read ahead to find out more details including the schedule, format, and teams.

Take a look at the Asia Pacific Predator League 2022 Grand Finals announcement below.

What is the tournament’s prize pool?

Both PUBG and Dota 2 hold an overall prize pool of $400,000 USD that also covers regional qualifiers’ prizes. Not only that, but the champions of the tournament will also earn the APAC Predator League Shield and Acer Predator gaming gears worth $10,000 USD. However, the prize money distribution has yet to be disclosed.

What teams are playing in the APAC Predator League?

There are a total of 16 PUBG teams and 14 Dota 2 teams competing in the tournament. Here is a full list of participating teams.

PUBG teams:

  • Marco Gaming
  • HAVK
  • Rascal Jester
  • V3FOX
  • SGDV2
  • Predator ShuTeRong
  • Attack All Around
  • Magic Esport
  • Genius Esports

Dota 2 teams:

  • Boonz + Goonz
  • The Covenant
  • Revengers
  • REJECT May
  • ChubbyBoiz
  • Team SMG
  • Lilgun
  • Execration
  • GrindSky Esports
  • Polaris Esports
  • TNC Predator
  • LaHee

APAC Predator League full schedule

The tournament begins on November 11th – 13th with both titles running simultaneously. The broadcast begins at 11 am JST (10 am SGT) and ends at 11 pm JST (10 pm SGT).

Here is the broadcast schedule provided on the official Predator League site.

Day 1 APAC Predator League Broadcast Schedule
Day 2 APAC Predator League Broadcast Schedule
Day 3 (Final Day) APAC Predator League Broadcast Schedule

Check out the full tournament bracket for APAC Predator League Japan here.

Predator League 2022 brings the live thrill to Japan

In June 2022, Predator Gaming, a division that bears the Acer Predator brand, announced the return of the APAC Predator League LAN event. The league was active since 2018 and annually hosted the Grand Finals offline in different APAC countries including Indonesia and Thailand. The events were a huge success, accumulating tens of thousands of participants every year. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic drove everything online and the league dimmed for several years.

After 3 years, Predator Gaming returns with an offline event in Japan. This is quite surprising as Dota 2’s Japanese scene is relatively small compared to the rest of Asia Pacific. Nevertheless, Dota 2 in Japan has seen sparks of life with Japanese Dota 2 creators merging efforts to promote the game in their nation. This could be one of the factors in 2022’s APAC Predator League making its entrance into Japan.

We reached out to streamer, xiinya, one of the advocates for Japanese Dota 2, and she expressed her excitement.

I think this will be a big chance for the Japanese Dota 2 community. Maybe some people who already quit Dota will comeback. We can expect new players too if the tournament succeeds! I can feel “the hype” in the Japan Dota community now.

xiinya, japanese dota 2 streamer

More details are yet to be announced

There is currently little information on the tournament format, schedule, and so on. But you can keep an eye on Acer’s official socials which were stated to have updates regarding the tournament.

Stick around for more updates!


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