Arteezy responds to Reddit, reveals health issues amidst tournament cover image

Arteezy responds to Reddit, reveals health issues amidst tournament

Arteezy reveals health issues following concerns about his well-being.

During the ongoing DreamLeague Season 22, a Reddit thread pointed out how Artour "Arteezy" Babaev looked unwell. The thread gained more than 1,000 upvotes and though the star player don't usually respond, this time he did. He explained his health state on Twitter/X, saying he struggled to sleep due to a sprained neck.

Thank you for concern, my friends and haters.

Artour "Arteezy" Babaev

"What happened to Arteezy?"

The North American player has always been a magnet of interest in the Dota 2 community. Arteezy is indeed one of the earliest Dota 2 stars that garnered a lot of fans. And to no surprise, the current carry player of Shopify Rebellion became a subject of discussion during DreamLeague Season 22.

A Reddit user posted Arteezy's face cam during one of the group stage matches. Arteezy appears exhausted and worn out. Although it might just be a lighting issue or an exaggerated expression on cam, the post quickly gained traction. Most of the comments were meme-ing about the situation and some are concerned.

Hours later, Arteezy posted on his Twitter/X account. He revealed that he has some health issues which may lead to him looking unwell. He had sprained his neck and because of that also struggled to get enough sleep. Fortunately, he noted that he is recovering.

"(Thank you) for concern my friends and haters)) I had neck sprain and wasn't able to sleep much for a week (getting better now), usually don't react but this time felt fiesty," Arteezy posted.

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Arteezy and the rest of Shopify Rebellion are currently competing in the ongoing DreamLeague Season 22. It is an online tournament hosting sixteen teams and a $1 million prize pool. Despite Arteezy's health complications, the team looks pretty solid. They have grabbed a full series win against Team Secret and a draw against Aurora. The next day of DreamLeague S22 will see them play against Tundra Esports and 1win.

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