The Ancient Dragon King is now permanent, Valve adds additional features to the skin cover image

The Ancient Dragon King is now permanent, Valve adds additional features to the skin

Now we can admire the Ancient Dragon King forever.

The entire Dota 2 community, especially funny hats enthusiasts, is screaming with joy following Valve's latest update. The first-ever Ancient cosmetic, the Ancient Dragon King, finally goes permanent and owners can now hold on to it for life! On top of that, Valve also added extra features for the Oolong dragon including a Rampage celebration. Take a look below!

Ancient Dragon King will no longer expire

The Ancient Dragon King is the first ever skin or cosmetic that Valve made for Dota 2's most important piece - the Ancient itself. This was in celebration of the Lunar New Year which dropped on February 8. This skin sees the Oolong dragon, a mythical Chinese creature, circling around the Ancient throughout your match.

After the cosmetic dropped, the Dota 2 community flocked to get their hands on the bizarre item. But it isn't easy to obtain. It is an Ultra Rare bonus in the Dragon's Hoard treasure and it is insanely pricy on the marketplace. And many thought it wasn't worth the purchase because it expires once the Year of the Dragon season is over.

But following complaints from the community, Valve decided to make the Ancient Dragon King a permanent cosmetic. Not only that, you can also now interact with the dragon! Wykrhm Reddy, Dota 2's community man, replied on a Reddit thread to reveal the additional features added.

  • You can now high five the Ancient Dragon King using a custom high five effect.
  • The dragon will perform a global celebratory roar every time your team gets a Rampage!

What is the price of Ancient Dragon King?

The price of Ancient Dragon King is currently $75 USD on the Dota 2 marketplace.

After Valve made the Ancient Dragon King a permanent cosmetic, its price soared high on the marketplace. It was hovering around $45 USD before the permanent change. A Reddit user shared the current price for Ancient Dragon King and the graph has risen to near $75 USD.

And that's all regarding the Ancient Dragon King's newest update! It will be interesting to see its global Rampage celebration take place not only in your pub matches but also in pro play! Keep up with more Dota 2 news on!