Alliance welcomes Japanese streamer Xiinya to its stream team cover image

Alliance welcomes Japanese streamer Xiinya to its stream team


Rising Japanese streamer, Xiinya joins Alliance’s stream team alongside names like AdmiralBulldog and Raeyei.

European esports organization, Alliance hosts a number of streamers on its team and today it welcomes a new addition. Rising Japanese streamer, Xiinya is officially a part of the ALLfam under its stream team division.
Joining household streamers in the likes of AdmiralBulldog and Raeyei, Xiinya will now flag the Alliance banner. Prior to Xiinya's addition, Alliance only had one female streamer, Raeyei. In pursuit of more diversity, "Alliance hopes to welcome more women to the family with the same immense talent and charisma that Xiinya has."
The Japanese streamer is new in the overwhelming world of Dota 2. When she had only started out in the game, she watched plenty of Dota 2 videos which led to her feeling intrigued about Alliance. "I would say that I officially became a fan when they beat Dendi Navi in the final with his pick," said Xiinya.

I am really happy to join Alliance because all the people are so nice and warm."


Who is Xiinya?

Xiinya is the 2nd female to join Alliance's stream team. Source: Xiinya's Instagram
Xiinya is the 2nd female to join Alliance's stream team. Source: Xiinya's Instagram
Xiinya or her Twitch username, Xiinya_jp is a Japanese streamer who mainly plays Dota 2. Despite only starting out 7 months ago, her Twitch channel quickly rose to popularity - courtesy of her bubbly and funny personality. By March 2022, she became a Twitch partner and now, she already has a massive following of 10,000 followers on Twitch.
Unlike most popular Dota 2 streamers, Xiinya is not anywhere near an expert at the game. Her MMR is right below 1K, but she introduces the fun and joy of learning Dota 2. It is most definitely a fresh sight in the Dota 2 scene, where most players are constantly grinding in the higher bracket.
Her streams capture her learning journey accompanied by her entertaining personality. She also makes her streams more vibrant and fun with her cosplays and singing. Other than that, she actively collaborates with other content creators and even pro players such as Talon's Hyde. Xiinya mainly streams Dota 2, but you can also catch her playing various other titles including VALORANT, Apex Legends, and IRL streams.
To find out more about Xiinya, you can check out her social links here:
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