Alliance competes in South America with a second Dota 2 roster, Alliance LATAM cover image

Alliance competes in South America with a second Dota 2 roster, Alliance LATAM

Alliance announced a new venture into the South American scene with the acquisition of former Hokori players under Alliance LATAM.

The veteran European team Alliance just announced a second Dota 2 roster with the acquisition of the South American team Hokori's former players. The new team is called Alliance.LATAM, and this lineup will be competing in the South American region for the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) 2022/2023.

Alliance's second Dota 2 roster

Alliance.LATAM’s Dota 2 roster for the 2022/2023 DPC season is as follows:

1. Edward "Lumière" Guillen
2. João "4nalog" Giannini
3. Pablo "Vitaly" Angulo
4. Thiago "Thiolicor" Cordeiro
5. Anthony "Gardick" López (Captain)

The pride of South America

Hokori impressed the international stage during their run in The International 11 (TI11), which landed them in 13th-16th place. They had quite an interesting DPC 2022/23 season with a lot of roster reshuffles, which resulted in the TI roster that proved to be the perfect clique they needed.

Alliance CEO and former pro-player Jonathan "Loda" Berg was seen mingling with the former Hokori players during TI11. Rumors later sparked of Alliance taking in a South American team under their wings. This led the Dota 2 community to believe the Hokori players might be playing under a new organization for the upcoming DPC season. Alliance already announced its new roster, and days before the roster lock, they finally announced Alliance.LATAM.

Alliance welcoming Alliance LATAM to ALLFam

In their announcement, Loda expressed how Alliance is finally in a place where they have more freedom to grow and Alliance is always about helping players go through "that same journey that changed our lives forever."

"After meeting the players and staff of Hokori, I knew that we had to help them somehow. They embody the spirit of Alliance and they remind me of a group of boys I found myself working with at the start of my own career," Loda said.

Alliance.LATAM roster for SA DPC 2022/23. Image via Alliance.
Alliance.LATAM roster for SA DPC 2022/23. Image via Alliance.

Kelly Ong Xiao Wei, the co-owner of Alliance, also expressed her excitement on Twitter about the Alliance LATAM. "Proud that we can support 2 teams coming into the 2023 DPC season. It's been tough to pick between a youth team or an emerging region," she wrote. She added how Alliance will soon be celebrating 10 years of being in Dota 2 and how Alliance is currently hosting nine competitive divisions over four regions.

Alliance.LATAM will soon compete in Division I of SA DPC 2022/23, taking the previous slot of the disbanded Tempest team. We can't wait to see Alliance.LATAM in the wild!

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