Dota 2 presents a diverse range of heroes for you to play. Check out all the heroes, their primary attributes, and their complexity levels.

Welcome to our Dota 101 series! If you are a new player wanting to familiarize yourself with Dota 2’s hero pool, we have got you covered. This article lists all heroes available to play in Dota 2 and their main attributes. We also classified the heroes according to their difficulty levels.

From only 24 heroes during the Alpha stage of Dota 2, the MOBA has grown its pool of magicians and fighters into a myriad of playable characters. Let’s get to know all of the heroes in Dota 2.

How many heroes are there in Dota 2?

There are a total of 123 heroes in Dota 2, with the latest addition being Primal Beast in February 2022. Another hero, Muerta, is joining the pool of warriors next year. And good news! You don’t have to unlock any heroes as all of them are available to play from the very start.

What are hero attributes?

There are three attributes in Dota 2: StrengthπŸ”΄, Agility🟒, and IntelligenceπŸ”΅. Every hero has points in each attribute and the one with the highest number (or highest scaling number) typically becomes their primary attribute. 

The primary attribute normally shows what role the hero is suitable for. Typically, Strength heroes play the tanky role, Agility heroes play the carry role, and Intelligence heroes play the Support role.

To sum it up, attributes are the ingredients that build the foundations of individual heroes. What makes a hero strong, what makes them spell-oriented, what makes them good for right-clicks, etc – are mostly determined by their attributes. 

Take a look at what each of the attribute scales:

  • Strength πŸ”΄: Health and Health Regeneration
  • Agility 🟒: Armor and Attack Speed
  • Intelligence πŸ”΅: Mana and Mana Regeneration

Hero complexity

There are three levels of hero complexities: Easy, Medium, and Hard. Each hero has its own complexity level set by Valve, however, the criteria that determine the complexity level is unknown.

A general pattern is that Easy heroes have a simpler play style to execute and are generally more straightforward. On the other hand, higher-complexity heroes have complicated abilities and tougher execution. Some more complex heroes also require skill in microing. These complex heroes, if played properly can have a bigger potential in the game.

What are all the Dota 2 heroes?

Here is a complete list of Dota 2 heroes in alphabetical order and their levels of difficulty. The colored dots next to the heroes’ names determine their primary attributes.

Abaddon πŸ”΄EASY
Alchemist 🟒EASY
Ancient Apparition πŸ”΅MEDIUM
Anti-Mage 🟒EASY
Arc Warden 🟒HARD
Axe πŸ”΄EASY
Batrider πŸ”΅MEDIUM
Beastmaster πŸ”΄MEDIUM
Bloodseeker 🟒EASY
Bounty Hunter 🟒EASY
Brewmaster πŸ”΄HARD
Bristleback πŸ”΄EASY
Broodmother 🟒MEDIUM
Centaur Warrunner πŸ”΄EASY
Chaos Knight πŸ”΄EASY
Chen πŸ”΅HARD
Clinkz 🟒MEDIUM
Clockwerk πŸ”΄MEDIUM
Crystal Maiden πŸ”΅EASY
Dark Seer πŸ”΅EASY
Dark Willow πŸ”΅MEDIUM
Dawnbreaker πŸ”΄EASY
Dazzle πŸ”΅EASY
Death Prophet πŸ”΅EASY
Disruptor πŸ”΅MEDIUM
Dragon Knight πŸ”΄EASY
Drow Ranger 🟒EASY
Earth Spirit πŸ”΄HARD
Earthshaker πŸ”΄MEDIUM
Elder Titan πŸ”΄MEDIUM
Ember Spirit 🟒MEDIUM
Enchantress πŸ”΅MEDIUM
Enigma πŸ”΅MEDIUM
Faceless Void 🟒MEDIUM
Grimstroke πŸ”΅MEDIUM
Gyrocopter 🟒EASY
Hoodwink 🟒MEDIUM
Huskar πŸ”΄EASY
Invoker πŸ”΅HARD
Jakiro πŸ”΅EASY
Juggernaut 🟒EASY
Keeper of the Light πŸ”΅MEDIUM
Kunkka πŸ”΄MEDIUM
Legion Commander πŸ”΄EASY
Leshrac πŸ”΅EASY
Lich πŸ”΅EASY
Lifestealer πŸ”΄MEDIUM
Lina πŸ”΅EASY
Lion πŸ”΅EASY
Lone Druid 🟒HARD
Luna 🟒EASY
Lycan πŸ”΄MEDIUM
Magnus πŸ”΄MEDIUM
Marci πŸ”΄MEDIUM
Mars πŸ”΄EASY
Medusa 🟒EASY
Meepo 🟒HARD
Mirana 🟒MEDIUM
Monkey King 🟒MEDIUM
Morphling 🟒HARD
Naga Siren 🟒MEDIUM
Nature’s Prophet πŸ”΅MEDIUM
Necrophos πŸ”΅EASY
Night Stalker πŸ”΄EASY
Nyx Assassin 🟒MEDIUM
Ogre Magi πŸ”΅EASY
Omniknight πŸ”΄EASY
Oracle πŸ”΅HARD
Outworld Destroyer πŸ”΅MEDIUM
Pangolier 🟒MEDIUM
Phantom Assassin 🟒EASY
Phantom Lancer 🟒MEDIUM
Phoenix πŸ”΄MEDIUM
Primal Beast πŸ”΄EASY
Pudge πŸ”΄MEDIUM
Pugna πŸ”΅MEDIUM
Queen of Pain πŸ”΅MEDIUM
Razor 🟒EASY
Riki 🟒EASY
Rubick πŸ”΅HARD
Sand King πŸ”΄MEDIUM
Shadow Demon πŸ”΅MEDIUM
Shadow Fiend 🟒MEDIUM
Shadow Shaman πŸ”΅EASY
Silencer πŸ”΅MEDIUM
Skywrath Mage πŸ”΅EASY
Slardar πŸ”΄EASY
Snapfire πŸ”΄EASY
Sniper 🟒EASY
Spectre 🟒MEDIUM
Spirit Breaker πŸ”΄EASY
Storm Spirit πŸ”΅MEDIUM
Sven πŸ”΄EASY
Techies πŸ”΅MEDIUM
Templar Assassin 🟒MEDIUM
Terrorblade 🟒MEDIUM
Tidehunter πŸ”΄EASY
Timbersaw πŸ”΄MEDIUM
Tinker πŸ”΅MEDIUM
Treant Protector πŸ”΄MEDIUM
Troll Warlord 🟒MEDIUM
Tusk πŸ”΄EASY
Underlord πŸ”΄MEDIUM
Undying πŸ”΄EASY
Ursa 🟒EASY
Vengeful Spirit 🟒EASY
Venomancer 🟒EASY
Viper 🟒EASY
Visage πŸ”΅HARD
Void Spirit πŸ”΅MEDIUM
Warlock πŸ”΅EASY
Weaver 🟒MEDIUM
Windranger πŸ”΅MEDIUM
Winter Wyvern πŸ”΅MEDIUM
Witch Doctor πŸ”΅EASY
Wraith King πŸ”΄EASY
Zeus πŸ”΅EASY

If you want to refer to the heroes by pictures, here are all Dota 2 heroes classified into the low-complexity (Easy), medium-complexity (Medium), and high-complexity (Hard) categories.

Easy heroes in Dota 2

These are the 54 heroes Dota 2 labels low complexity.

Medium complexity heroes in Dota 2

These are the 57 heroes that Dota 2 labels medium complexity.

Complex Heroes in Dota 2

These are the 12 heroes that Dota 2 labels high complexity.

We will expand the Dota 101 series more so stick around!


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