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Ability Arena Season 3 is here with tons of new gods, spells and changes! cover image

Ability Arena Season 3 is here with tons of new gods, spells and changes!


The new season 3 of Ability Arena is here! Join us as we break down the tons of changes to spells, new gods and more!

A new season of Sunsfan's game mode is here! Season 3 of Ability Arena made its debut on December 1. The new season comes with tons of updates to the game mode. From six brand new spells to seven new Gods, Season 3 has a lot to offer players. Now you can rope your friends into Ability Arena with its brand new gifting system as well! Let's go over the various offerings.

New and Old Gods of Season 3 of Ability Arena

The Gods got both new additions and changes in Season 3 of Ability Arena. There are 8 new Gods with brand new abilities. While on the other hand, the existing Gods got a bit of an update.

Changes to the old Gods

The changes are relatively minor, but are still nonetheless noteworthy.
  • Aghanim: Upgrade chance at max level is at 60%
  • Centaur: HP bonus per round to 60 and retaliate damage is at 25%
  • Ogre Magi: Spell point requirement to 0/20/40/60/80

The 8 new Gods of Ability Arena Season 3

There are eight brand new Gods coming to the new season of Ability Arena. The new Gods are both iconic Dota Lore Heroes or references to Valve titles. The new Gods are as follows: Santa Greevil, Glados, Boneless Aghanim, Lifestealer, Chaos God S3, Cave Johnson, Bathtime Aghanim and Techies.
Here are some of the most significant additions:
  • Techies: Throws sticky bombs per high damage spell and has a chance of setting a proximity mine
  • Cave Johnson: Heroes can't heal but gain mutations based on their primary attribute
  • Chaos God S3: First shop reroll is free, spells sell at full value and your hero rerolls cost 1 gold
  • Santa Greevil: Can give a gift to another player. The winner gets a good gift and the loser gets a bad gift with unique bonuses (as shown below)

Ability Arena Season 3 Spell changes.

There are tons of spell changes and new spells in Ability Arena season 3. Specifically, there are six new spells, three benched spells and 19 changes to existing spells

New spells

There are a total of six new spells in Season 3 of Ability Arena. Typically, support spells go a long way in Ability Arena, but the new spell additions are mainly core hero spells. The new spells are:
  • Charkram
  • Essence Shift
  • Mana Shield
  • Blast Off
  • Sun Ray
  • War Cry
The new spells at first glance are phenomenal. For example, Essence Shift: The right clicking hero's dream passive ability gives both agility per attack, but also drains the attack targets' attributes. Additionally, with the Gaben level upgrades, spells also proc Essence Shift on a two second cooldown. There is some crazy damage and synergy potential with the new spell sets.

Existing spell changes

On top of the new spells there are a total of 21 changes to existing spells in Ability Arena. There have been three spells that have been "benched" or temporarily removed. While the remaining 19 of them have been updated for a bunch of different reasons. Some of which Sunsfan says are because "cause it's cool" or "What were we thinking". The three currently benched spells are: Elder Dragon Form, Moon Glaives and Omnislash.
In terms of specific spell changes, there are a lot of changes both major and minor. The changes are listed below:
  • Blink: now has the damage/silence from the Super by default
  • Brain Sap: additionally adds health to the unit using it equivalent to the damage dealt
  • Corrosive Haze: Super now stacks on the unit
  • Culling Blade: cast range increase to 225
  • Double Edge: cast range increased by 100
  • Jingu Mastery: soldiers now have +400 attack rang e
  • Purification: cast range increased to 800
  • Sunder: Super also gives +400 cast range
  • Burrowstrike: Super increased cast range to 1300, +0.3 second stun and -2 CD
  • Life Break: Super also damages enemies hit in the path
  • Resonant Pulse: Super gives 1s of magic immunity per hero hit
  • Static Link: Super steals attack speed and increased duration
  • Warpath: Super and Gaben swapped
  • Duel: Cast range increased by 500
  • Eye of the Storm: Grants Lightning Rod, which the caster is hit by Eye of the Storm, healing and giving armor for half the value
  • Leech Seed: Super becomes a puddle that casts leech seeds units inside
  • Purification: Super now gives 2 additional casts of purification with 3 second intervals
  • Reality Rift: Gaben summons Phantasm Illusion

Additional changes

There are also some quality of life changes in the new season of Ability Arena. The changes are relatively minor outside of the new God chests. Gods now come in God Chests that costs 10,000 gold, which is a bit of a grind to work up to. But with the new Ability Arena Season 3 getting to that gold requirement should not be that much of an issue. Additionally, there are streak bonuses for wins, but that lies more in the cosmetic side of things. You can check out the full blog post here.
Regardless, the changes from Season 2 to Season 3 of Ability Arena are worlds apart. But in a good way. It really goes to show how the team behind Ability Arena care about the game mode and want to keep improving it. Keep an eye on for more info on this new season of Ability Arena!
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