2022/2023 DPC Closed Qualifiers results and winners cover image

2022/2023 DPC Closed Qualifiers results and winners

Keep yourself updated with the Winter Tour DPC Closed Qualifiers and the winners from all regions here!

The 2022/2023 Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) Winter Tour Closed Qualifiers will soon crown winners as the event nears its end. The Closed Qualifiers, which take place from December 19th to 22nd, will see two teams advance to each region's lower division. Keep track of the Closed Qualifiers' progress and winners on this page!

DPC Closed Qualifiers winners

Western Europe (WEU)
Ooredoo Thunders
Eastern Europe (EEU)
China (CN)
Ybb Gaming
Outsiders from CN
Southeast Asia (SEA)
Drink Water
North America (NA)
Fart Studios
South America (SA)

DPC Winter Tour Closed Qualifiers breakdown

NOTE: Team names in red are eliminated, meanwhile, teams in green remain in contention.

WEU DPC Closed Qualifier

There is an unusual amount of hype centered around Western Europe's Closed Qualifier and it's courtesy of Old G. The team which comprises 2-time TI champions trio and notable veterans is gradually making its way to WEU Division II. Click here to solely keep track of Old G's matches and results.

UPDATE: Old G had a good run up until its match against Ooredoo Thunders, which knocked the team down to the Lower Bracket. Old G now has one more shot to qualify for Division II.

Teams in the WEU DPC Closed Qualifier: Old G, Monaspa, Ooredoo Thunders, HAVU Gaming, Team Blink, KZ Team, NOSTRVM, and LeClassique 2.0.

Where to watch: ODPixel's Twitch or T_Panda's Twitch.

EEU DPC Closed Qualifier

Teams in the EEU DPC Closed Qualifier: HYDRA(Qualified), Hot Headed Gaming, Sigma.YNT, Winter Bear, HOTU, team surplus, Matreshka, and Cyber Union.

Where to watch: paragon_dota's Twitch .

CN DPC Closed Qualifier

Teams in the CN DPC Closed Qualifier: Ybb Gaming (Qualified), iG.Vitality, Outsiders from CN (Qualified), 你这肥宅说话还挺搞笑的, Supernova, FH Gaming, Team CDM, and JustPlaYGame.

Where to watch: betboom_ru3's Twitch.

SEA DPC Closed Qualifier

Teams in the SEA DPC Closed Qualifier: Drink Water (Qualified), Lilgun, Neon Esports, Sky Encore Esports, Yangon Galacticos, SPAWN Team (Qualified), RZ Esports, and Atomic Esports.

UPDATE: Yangon Galacticos has been disqualified after one of its members, KSH, was found scripting during the tournament.

Where to watch: EpulzeGaming's Twitch.

NA DPC Closed Qualifier

The community is also paying attention to the NA Closed Qualifiers to see the progress of Arkosh Gaming. The meme team reborn, now fielding well-known streamers and Dota 2 personalities, does look convincing. However, Arkosh Gaming was shaky going into the qualifiers. It only managed to qualify through OQ #2 and is now struggling in the Closed Qualifier. The team is one elimination match away from failing to enter NA Division II. UPDATE: Arkosh Gaming has been eliminated by monopoly.

Teams in the NA DPC Closed Qualifier: CDUB Esports, monopoly, Legacy遗, Arkosh Gaming, Fart Studios, TiltedBoys, Team Magnus, and Team Kingpin.

Where to watch: FearDota's Twitch.

SA DPC Closed Qualifier

Teams in the SA DPC Closed Qualifier: Team Insane, Balrogs (Qualified), Random Esports, TRocket, Fantasy Gaming, South America Rejects, Lava Esports (Qualified), and Silk.

Where to watch: betboom_ru6's Twitch.

A long pause before Division II begins

After Closed Qualifiers end, the Dota 2 pro scene will once again snooze throughout the festive season. And for Division II teams and their fans, there will be more than a month of wait before we can see some action.

The new DPC schedule separates Division I and Division II to play out on separate timelines. Here are the dates of 2022/2023 Winter Tour Regional Leagues:

  • Regional League Division I: January 8th to January 29th
  • Regional League Division II: January 31st to February 21st

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