These adorable Diablo IV pet backpack accessories are amazing… But they’ll cost you some IRL funds. Pay up and pet the kitty.

The post-honeymoon period for Diablo IV has been a rough one. Marred by server issues, two lackluster season rollouts, and a number of balance problems, the game's seen better days--and better public opinion. Head over to the Diablo IV subreddit and search the top posts as of late and you're likely to see nothing but pure vitriol. So, of course, Blizzard hit the "break glass in case of emergency" button and has new Diablo IV DLC in the form of class-based pet backpack accessories.

Adorable? Of course, I just want to eat their little toes. Yes, even the "Kid Baphomet" baby goat meant to look like a satanic icon. But as with all things involving Mother Lilith, cute baby animals aren't free.

Diablo IV pet backpack accessories

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Much like the wolf cup backpack from the beta, the new Diablo IV pet backpacks now in rotation on shop are adorable. I mean, look at these guys. It's literally a pet kitty in a backpack! Not only that, but each bundle includes a number of themed emotes and ghost appearances for when you die. It's great!

What's not so great? More expensive cosmetics at a time when Diablo IV can't create compelling content outside it's story. Each bundle costs 1200 Platinum, which equates to about $12.99 USD. Also, each bundle is class based, so tough luck if you're a Rogue and want the Catamount backpack.

These new Diablo IV pet backpacks are, admittedly, a step up from the boring and expensive cosmetic options from launch. However, their limited use thanks to being class-based is just another knock against a cute thing that would be better received if the game was healthier.

We're a day removed from the Season of Blood starting and.... I'm already kind of bored? A new battle pass is nice--especially since it came with my BlizzCon goodie bag--but the content is thin as ice. Instead of releasing some very cute, highly detailed paid DLC I would rather have seen more time and care go into creating a better game experience.

Alas, we get what we get. Like other Diablo games, maybe the first expansion will fix the dang thing. Until then I'll just have to stare at this cat emote and think of what could have been.

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