With the third round of games being played out we saw the first set of teams qualifying to the Legends stage. We also saw two Brazilian squads getting eliminated from the Major. Here are the Top 5 Plays from Day 2.

PGL Stockholm Day 2 saw 2 surprise teams making it through the swiss system without losing a single game. Copenhagen Flames and Faze Clan weren't high on anyone's list for going through with a 3-0 record, but with strong showings in the group stage, they have locked themselves in for the Legends Stage. Over on the other side, Godsent and Sharks got eliminated with 0-3 records. Here are the Top 5 plays from the exciting day of CS that brought us these results.

Dexter's Headshots win the round

In one of the 1-1 record games, ENCE took on MOUZ in a battle of international rosters. While the game did not go the way of Dexter's troops, one round stuck in the minds of all watching. In the 7th round of play, Dexter managed to find a gap where no CT was covering Hell. This allowed Dexter to easily take out the blind-sided ramp defender. From there the Aussie IGL secured the round by getting two kills, by rapidly opening and closing the double doors to gain info and wall bang the retaking defenders. While MOUZ did not win the game, Dexter's play stuck in everyone's minds.

PKL's 4 Five Seven

Tyloo's win over Sharks ruined many pickems in yesterday's Round 2 game. And today it looked like the other team that everyone thought would go 0-3 was gonna break many hearts too. Sharks played a super close game against paiN gaming, even reaching series point on map two before collapsing on the third map.

After Sharks opened the game by picking up Vertigo's opening pistol round. PKL however immediately answered back with 4 headshots on the snapping turtle. His Five-Seven sang on the B Site defense and landed him on our Top 5 plays from PGL Stockholm Day 2 list.

The Magician doesn't miss

Faze Clan has been an absolute revelation, having two spots in yesterday's top 5 plays, and securing their place in the top 16 of PGL Stockholm on Day 2. Their game today against Virtus.Pro saw them winning the whole game right in the veto. Mastermind Karrigan outplayed the CIS squad similar to his game against Gambit back at IEM Cologne. On the second map, Ancient, Twistzz was at the top of the server, showing the world why he is one of NA's best talents ever. In particular was his 4 piece with the AK-47, where the magician took three heads and secured round 14 for Faze Clan.

Dupreeh's clutches a 1v3

After yesterday's disappointing games, Astralis sat on a 0-2 record coming into day 2. With their back against the wall, Astralis' star duom Magisk and Dupreeh showed up in style. While Magisk topped the scoreboard, this 1vs3 clutch from Dupreeh was the play to remember.

The defending champions will next face off against paiN Gaming to keep their tournament life alive. Will they eliminate yet another Brazilian roster from the event?

Stavn's Clean 4k shows why the M4A1-s is just better

Heroic were everyone's favorite team to 3-0 and while they might've lost to fellow Danes, Copenhagen Flames, young star Stavn still impressed on the server. This round in particular saw him pick up 4 kills with the M4A1-s, showing exactly why it's the CT-sided rifle of choice. With such a clean round, the coffers of Copenhagen flames were devastated as they got pushed down to an eco in the next round.

Karrigan does Karrigan things

As our special outside the server clip today, we have Karrigan doing Karrigan things as he once again makes the world laugh with his Camera interactions.

That was our list of Top 5 plays from PGL Stockholm Day 2. Stay tuned to esports.gg to keep up with the PGL Stockholm Major.