A decision allowing a full live audience is expected by September 15.

After several weeks of confusion and anticipation, the PGL Stockholm Major might just take place in Sweden. 

Several countries have implemented stringent measures for in-person events due to the coronavirus pandemic. Sweden granted exemption to elite sports persons allowing them to enter the country and participate in these events. However, the Swedish government initially refused to grant esports (in this case The International and the PGL Stockholm Major) elite sporting event status. Valve moved Dota 2’s 'The International 10' to Romania as a result with PGL threatening to do the same for the CS:GO Major. But it seems the Stockholm Major might take place in Stockholm after all. 

Esports Athletes granted exemption to enter the country

Professional CS:GO players and esports athletes in general have been granted an exemption. This is similar to those granted to sports athletes to enter the country. The CEO of the Ninjas in Pyjamas, Hicham Chahine, celebrated the news on Twitter. 

Will PGL host the Stockholm Major in Sweden?

Earlier last month, PGL laid down a set of conditions to be fulfilled for the Major remain in Sweden. One of those conditions was the removal of travel restrictions into the country for esports athletes. 

The other condition was allowing indoor events with a live audience. According to Expressen.se, this condition would also be fulfilled by September 15. 

"It turned out that other European countries had a more expansive interpretation of elite sports," Mikael Damberg, Interior Minister, told TT news agency.

The PGL Stockholm Major is the only CS:GO Major of 2021 and features a $2 million prize pool. With 24 of the world’s best CS:GO teams competing on LAN for glory and a massive prize pool, this event will be a test of players’ skill and rosters’ synergy. The Major takes place from October 23 and continues till November 7, 2021.

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