PGL Stockholm’s chances improve as the Swedish Government has announced the removal of most restrictions surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic. This includes the permit for venues to host large-scale public gatherings with up to 15 thousand people in attendance.

In a Press Conference today, Swedish Minister of Culture and Democracy Amanda Lind, announced that restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic will be reduced starting September 29. This comes as phase 4 of the Swedish Government’s plan to return to normalcy. This means that after months of uncertainty surrounding the location of the Major, we might be close to a decision.

As reported by us earlier, IEM Fall Europe RMR is going to be held in Stockholm and combined with the lifted restrictions, the likelihood of the Major taking place in Stockholm has increased greatly.

The reductions on restrictions that become applicable starting September 29, include:

  • Restrictions on participation in public gatherings and public events in the Restrictions Ordinance will be removed. The exception is events with over 15,000 participants.
  • The participation restriction for private gatherings held in premises, areas or spaces for rent is removed.
  • The Swedish Public Health Agency’s advice on working from home is removed.
  • In restaurants, regulations on opening hours, restrictions on the size of parties and distances between tables are abolished.
  • Indoor concerts at restaurants are allowed.

These changes will allow PGL to host the Major with a crowd of up to 15,000 fans, which is almost the limit of the Avicii Arena. This also explains the reasoning behind the IEM Fall RMR being held in Stockholm as restrictions on private gatherings has also been lifted.

Avicii Arena is likely to be the home for the PGL Major. Image Courtesy: Holger.Ellgaard

The Swedish Government aims to make life closer to the pre-Covid normalcy and has stated that if any restrictions need to be reintroduced, vaccination certificates will play an important role in the restrictions. Currently, Vaccination certificates will not be required but the requirement could be added in the future.

The important message is that we now take further steps in the return to normal everyday life…….

If you are fully vaccinated, you can largely live your life as before.

Minister of Social Affairs Lena Hallengren

All this points to the Major being held in Stockholm, Sweden. Sweden has been the birthplace of modern-day Counter-Strike and hosting the first major in 2 years there will bring the CS community together for what could be the biggest and greatest Major of all time. PGL’s final decision inches closer as Tickets for the event go live on September 16th.

Arnav Shukla - Writer of the Month: July

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