Only players from the top eight teams at the Major will see their signature stickers in-game.

Valve announced the launch of CS:GO stickers for the PGL Stockholm Major. The Stockholm Major is the first CS:GO Major to take place after a gap of nearly two years. All the players participating in the Major were looking forward to having their autographs and stickers in-game, but were left disappointed. 

PGL announced the release of team stickers, but player signature stickers were nowhere in sight. With only a few days remaining for the Major, fans were left wondering about the status of their favorite players’ stickers in-game. Valve clarified that only those players that make it to the playoffs will have their stickers in-game. 

The Stockholm Major will feature 24 teams in the competition. Only players from the top eight teams will have their stickers released in-game. Players from the remaining sixteen teams will not have their autographs released in-game and with it, have no income from the ‘sticker money’.

Players Unhappy with Signature Stickers

The changes to the signature stickers seem to have caught many players unawares.  The Starladder Berlin Major was the last CS: GO Major before the pandemic. Valve released player signature stickers in three capsules for the event: Legends, Returning Challengers, or Minor Challengers. 

50% of all proceeds from the sales of signature stickers go to the players. 

The loss of potential income from the sale of player signatures is a big blow to players from some of the lower-tier teams. 

Astralis rifler, Magisk, hints at Valve’s lack of communication about this move in a tweet. Valve released the stickers just a few days before the start of the Major and seemingly without much communication with the players.  

Honestly feels a little like they forgot the Major was starting this soon. Doesn’t make sense to make it playoffs stickers at this Major, so many people have looked forward to their sticker and simply not get any now. 

I could understand it, if this was communicated way before.


The PGL Stockholm Major kicks off on October 26 with the playoffs at the Avicii Arena in Stockholm. 

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