2 Weeks of RMRs Conclude as 24 Teams lock in their spot at PGL Antwerp. Will NaVi go back to back or will Faze keep going?

After 2 weeks of grueling matches, the final 24 teams have been locked in for PGL Antwerp. While OG missed out, 9z and Bad News Eagles made it through, here are the 24 teams at PGL Antwerp.

Asia RMR: IHC Surprise

The biggest shock of the Asia RMR was Tyloo missing out on their first major since MLG Columbus 2016. The Chinese representatives got upset by IHC in the opening round with a tough 2-0 loss. The Mongolian squad had lost 2 series to Tyloo at ECL S40, but managed to bring out their best form in the RMR, becoming one of the PGL Antwerp Teams.

Renegades also took a beating from IHC in the upper bracket finals, losing the game 2-0. But they managed to bounce back in the lower bracket to secure the final major spot over Tyloo. With their recent signing of BnTeT, Tyloo was an exciting team. But them missing out on the Major is a tough moment for fans.

  • IHC (Contender)
  • Renegades (Contender)

Americas RMR: Disaster for EG, Miracle for 9z

The Americas RMR was an interesting one. For the people in the know, the results weren't that surprising, but for most fans, these were not the teams expected at PGL Antwerp.

Starting us off was Imperial, making the Major with a 3-1 record. The team looked rejuvenated and has since also qualified for IEM Dallas. Fer was a beast and the rest of the team looked like competent NA pros.

Fer was the driving force behind Imperial
Fer was the driving force behind Imperial

NA's last dance Evil Geniuses did not have the same success. They did not look good tactically or in terms of fragging. Finishing the group stage with a 3-2 record 8th place, EG was sent down to the decider bracket for the final Major slot.

Their competitors were 9z and paiN, both teams that lost their star players in the roster-mania. Somehow EG still managed to lose their game against 9z and failed to qualify for the Major. Their failure however, had a silver lining, 9z absolutely took the opportunity and qualified for the Major beating out paiN 2-0.

  • Furia (Legend)
  • MIBR (Challenger)
  • Imperial (Challenger)
  • Complexity (Challenger)
  • Team Liquid (Contender)
  • 9z (Contender)

Europe RMR A: OG and MOUZ face Defeat

By far the stronger RMR group, EU-A had some bizarre results. The favorites Heroic, Faze, Outsiders, NaVi, and Vitality all made it through, but Vitality and Outsiders faced a lot of difficulties getting there.

The big surprise however, was the failure of the international squad OG and MOUZ. MOUZ had recently cut NBK's experience in favor of JDC's fragging, and they showed some worrying signs at this event. Their opening game was a must-win match against OG and their failure left them outside the Major.

BIG qualified as Legends
BIG qualified as Legends

OG on the other hand appeared shaky. They were overwhelmed by NaVi, took an overtime loss against forZe, and found themselves in a decider against Eternal Fire.

The Turkish team Eternal Fire not only managed to beat OG, but they also did it in a stylish fashion, taking the win 2-0. OG once again suffered failure despite having amazing form from Mantuu and flameZ. OG as an org still hasn't made a single Major in CS:GO, which is a serious failure for a team of their stature.

  • Heroic (Legend)
  • BIG (Legend)
  • FaZe (Legend)
  • Natus Vincere (Legend)
  • forZe (Challenger)
  • Vitality (Challenger)
  • Eternal Fire (Contender)
  • Outsiders (Contender)

Europe RMR B: CPH Flames Repeat Sucess, Bad News Eagles Make History

The B side of the EU RMR had the same amount of Teams qualified for PGL Antwerp, but the level of teams was far lower. Regardless, there were still some big results. Copenhagen Flames continue their streak of stomping through Major related events.

After qualifying for PGL Stockholm and Blitzing the Challengers stage, they will look to do the same as one of the top 16 Teams at PGL Antwerp. Spirit returns to the Major after their 2022 rebuild, but the biggest storyline was the success of Bad News Eagles.

Hobbit will represent <a href="https://esports.gg/news/cs-go/cloud9-gambit-csgo/">Cloud9 </a>at Antwerp
Hobbit will represent Cloud9 at Antwerp

Not only are they one of the only orgless teams to ever make the major, but they are also the first-ever Albanian roster to make the major. If the reported NaVi earnings from last year's stickers are anything to go by, the squad will be making a very large amount of money from their stickers being in the major. These funds will go a long way in ensuring that this roster can stick together without needing to worry about salaries.

  • Copenhagen Flames (Legend)
  • Players (Legend)
  • Ninjas In Pyjamas (Legend)
  • ENCE (Challenger)
  • G2 Esports (Challenger)
  • Astralis (Challenger)
  • Bad News Eagles (Challenger)
  • Team Spirit (Contender)

With the teams finalized, and the Talent announced, PGL Antwerp is slowly taking shape. Will the Major live up to the record-breaking success of PGL Stockholm? Stay tuned to Esports.gg to find out.