NiP Survive Copenhagen Flames scare to Qualify for Avicii Arena cover image

NiP Survive Copenhagen Flames scare to Qualify for Avicii Arena


An enthralling series that went the distance to three maps and Overtime on the third map was the perfect ending to the Legends Stage at PGL Stockholm Major. Earlier, Virtus.Pro reverse-swept FaZe Clan earlier in the day to book their Champions Stage slot.

The Copenhagen Flames have eliminated the 2nd best CS:GO team, NiP, from the PGL Stockholm Major. The 2-2 match between NiP and CPHF would see one team qualify to the Champions stage and the loser would exit the event. It was the a very close series with mistakes on both sides and some amazing individual plays as well. Ultimately, it came down to overtime on the third map to decide which team will play in front of the audience at the Avicii Arena.

Copenhagen Flames and NiP play a Banger of a Series, The Swedes Survive

Copenhagen Flames almost defeated NiP. It came down to Overtime on Map 3. Image Credit: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">PGL</a>.
Copenhagen Flames almost defeated NiP. It came down to Overtime on Map 3. Image Credit: PGL.

Copenhagen Flames started the series with a dominant Nuke CT performance. NiP tried their best to break into the outer side, but CPHF players were often pushing into weird angles and catching the Swedes (and 1 Dane) off-guard. 

There were multiple occasions when Jabbi’s multi-kills got CPHF the round-win. The performance by the CPHF players was calm and collected and they cruised to victory on Nuke. 

The Danish side had momentum going into the second map. Not many fans believed in CPHF posing a real challenge to NiP. To see them win a map and possibly defeat NiP was enthralling. 

Starting on the CT side, Copenhagen Flames had the right read on NiP’s movement. There was a constant battle at Banana with both teams using grenades to try and wrestle control of the area. Copenhagen Flames often came out ahead in these tussles and secured a decent 10-5 lead. 

After CPHF won the second pistol, NiP started its comeback. NiP won seven consecutive rounds in the second half and ultimately closed out the map with a 16-13 score. The series was tied 1-1 and we now moved to Ancient. 

NiP had the lead on Ancient after the first half and quickly marched on to a 14-9 lead. 

But a poor bomb plant by the Ninjas allowed CPHF back into the game and the Danes clawed back all the way to OT. It was a mixture of retakes and several individual performances that helped Copenhagen Flames win these rounds.

But a heroic performance by Dev1ce and LNZ in the last few rounds helped the Ninjas scrape past with a win. It is a momentous occasion for Swedish fans who will get a glimpse of their home team at the Avicii Arena. It was a very shaky series for NiP, a win for sure, but not convincing by any means.

Virtus.Pro Reverse Sweep FaZe Clan

Earlier today, FaZe Clan failed to secure its spot in the Champions stage, losing to Virtus.Pro in the 2-2 elimination match. FaZe started Inferno with a win, a 16-13 scoreline. Young Broky had a standout performance Inferno, completing the map with 29 kills to his name. His AWP was a huge difference as he was able to shut down the Virtus.Pro aggression.

There were a few moments when Virtus.Pro’s players had excellent individual performances, but they could not overcome FaZe Clan. 

The second map was almost equally close but this time it was Virtus.Pro winning Ancient with a 16-14 score. It wasn’t without some highlight-worthy plays as Karrigan stepped up for FaZe Clan. Usually, when the IGL steps up for FaZe Clan, the team performs really well. But despite his heroics, FaZe lost the map and the series was tied at 1-1. 

The final map was Overpass as Virtus.Pro removed Dust 2 in the veto. Just like the previous map, Overpass was also a relatively even map for the two teams with an 8-7 first-half score.

Buster and Fl1t led the way for Virtus.Pro on Overpass. It was a team-effort as Virtus.Pro sealed the series with a 2-1 win. 

Despite Karrigan’s best attempts including an Ace, FaZe could not win Overpass. FaZe Clan and Copenhagen Flames leave PGL Stockholm Major in the 9-11th place with $17,500 in prize money.

With these wins, NiP and Virtus.Pro advance to the PGL Stockholm Champions stage and are confirmed a top 8 placement. The players will also have their signatures in-game.

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