HooXie: “I think Copenhagen Flames are doing the best job with whatever resources they have” cover image

HooXie: “I think Copenhagen Flames are doing the best job with whatever resources they have”

Expectations were not as high, but the players’ talent and determination helped CPHF put up a strong showing at the last RMR event. What’s next for Copenhagen Flames? A good performance at the Major ofcourse.

One of the biggest surprises to come out of IEM Fall EU was Copenhagen Flames. The team’s consistency and superior skill led to a 5-0 finish in Group A. These results included wins over teams like G2, mousesports and BIG as the Danish team surprised fans and analysts alike.

We said that our goal by the end of the year, we want to challenge for Top 20. And we talked about that six weeks ago. And now we are in the Top 20.

- Daniel Vorborg, Copenhagen Flames CO-owner.

The Copenhagen Flames roster is relatively new. Most of the players, each individually talented, joined the organization just a few months ago. The team expected to break into the top 20 ‘soon’. After their fabulous group stage performance at IEM Fall, Copenhagen Flames is already ranked 15th in the world. Not a surprise, but a reinforcement of the players’ belief in themselves. 

"Even though we didn't expect it we always knew we had the level to compete with this level of competition." - HooXie.

Where did the Copenhagen Flames roster come from?

Copenhagen Flames is an organization that seems to always knock at the doors of Tier 1 teams. Despite featuring many different rosters, the organization has been able to produce impressive results and has helped develop superstars out of youngsters in the past. Finding and grooming talent from the local scene and later possibly selling to other teams is a business model that has kept the org’s CS:GO division sustainable. But the constant rebuild and roster changes also mean that the team fades in and out of the top 30 rankings and with it, often, the public memory. Today, the team’s roster is on the rise and it has the momentum to even further.

Finding Opportunity in Adversity

MAD Lions, North, X6tence exited the scene within six weeks. We saw it as a big opportunity, we probably got HooXie and roeJ, which we probably wouldn't have gotten otherwise. It opened up a lot of opportunities for us, I think we will see that the scene will slowly stabilize again. - .

Daniel Vorborg.

In recent years, Denmark has taken big strides in esports. The industry has received widespread recognition, with academic courses and even television broadcasts. However, the COVID pandemic and other reasons led to several organizations exiting the scene in quick succession. What was a period of gloom for Danish Counter-strike was an opportunity in disguise for Copenhagen Flames.

The exit of teams like X6tence, MAD Lions and North left several players orgless. It was an opportunity and Copenhagen Flames was quick to give a home to the players.

Past relationships helped

"With this particular lineup, I had already worked with Hooxi and roeJ for a long period of time before they came back. So I knew how they want to work. I've also worked with Jabbi and Nico for quite a while before we created the roster. [...]  It was easy to quickly get on the same page." - Vorborg.

HooXie has played for Copenhagen Flames for nearly a year in 2018 and then again in 2020. The 26-year-old player believes CPHF is the best organization in Denmark and has nothing but praise for the management.

"It was just a no-brainer for me to work with CPHF, it's by far the best organization I've played for and I think the best organization in Denmark, no matter who you bring into the picture, even Astralis, Heroic or any other team. I still think Flames are doing the best job with whatever resources they have." - HooXie.

Nico was actually thinking of quitting CS:GO and switching over to Valorant. An opportunity presented itself with Copenhagen Flames and Nico jumped on the chance. With 348 kills at IEM Fall, he has been instrumental in Copenhagen Flames’ performance at the RMR event.

I wasn't getting any offers and I hadn't played any HLTV map for a year. I got the chance and I just picked it up and I kept grinding and eventually I got picked up by CPHF which was probably the best thing that happened in my life. 

Nico "nicoodoz" Tamjidi.

A Dominant Performance at IEM Fall Group Stage

Copenhagen Flames were not the favorites in Group A. The team was expected to be somewhere around the middle, cause a few upsets but realistically just qualify to the playoffs. The players themselves did not expect to go undefeated in the group stage. 

I don't think any one of us had ever thought when we went to this LAN that our intention was to get enough points to the Major. I think it would be unreal cause we talked about getting two wins in the group and it was a decent event.

The team went much beyond its ‘expected two wins’. The Danish roster started its campaign with wins over FPX and Aura. The next match was against G2, the favorites to top Group A. It was a close game on Nuke, with both teams going toe-to-toe. After an 8-7 first half, the map went to Overtime, where the Danish squad managed to secure the win with a 19-16 score. It was a win that highlighted the players’ resilience and is a re-confirmation of their skill.

The win against G2 esports only added fuel to the CPHF momentum. The Danish squad would then go on to win versus BIG and mousesports, limiting them to single digits.

The Beginning of a Dream - To Attend the CS:GO Major

Somewhere along the line, the CPHF players began to dream of attending the PGL Major. They could make it to the Major and needed a win. But they lost to Vitality and later Movistar Riders and were left fighting for 7th place. The winner of the Team Fiend-CPHF match would secure a spot at the PGL Stockholm Major. The stakes were high and the players had to give it their all. 

 "I feel like we are playing to the level of other teams. I still feel like we are at the same level as other teams." - Hooxi.

It’s a dream that has come true for the CPHF players. With a 2-0 win over Team Fiend in the 7th place match, Copenhagen Flames secured just enough points to qualify for the Stockholm Major. 

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Featured Image Credit: ESL.