This new four-person CS: GO boost is a high-risk high-reward move cover image

This new four-person CS: GO boost is a high-risk high-reward move

A new four-person CSGO boost promises to bring some excitement into your pub games. Check out how to successfully implement this boost and not die.

A four-person CS:GO boost on Vertigo has caught the attention of CS:GO fans. The four-person boost allows CS:GO players to gain a massive information advantage and even catch Counter Terrorist players unawares. 

Unsuspecting Counter-Terrorist players could end up on the receiving end of an enemy bullet. The only difference would be, and this is very likely, the CT player would have no idea where the bullet came from.

How to do the four-person CS:GO boost?

A video posted on Reddit by user m4Ssa shows an amazing and very tough-to-pull four-person boost on Vertigo. The terrorist players need to coordinate this boost, and it will take a lot of practice before perfection. 

It's a dangerous boost, it has the potential to kill members of your team with ease. But the rewards of this high-risk play can be extremely satisfying if done correctly.

The top-most person in this four-person CS: GO boost needs to be an AWPer (unless you are extremely confident with your AK one-taps). After successfully completing this boost, Terrorist players get a clear line of sight to near the A bombsite on Vertigo. An AWPer can catch an unsuspecting CT player as he prepares his defense on the upper floor.

All four players also got out of the boost after careful coordination. The boost is not easy by any means and trying it out directly in a competitive game can lead to a very funny kill-streak. It’s a surprise boost and if the CT players are prepared for it, it can quickly turn to a disaster.

Regardless of the risks, CS:GO players will find this boost to be a funny and yet ingenious method to get an advantage early in the round. 

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