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CS: GO might be a game that has been out for more than a decade, but players still come up with innovative lineups and playstyles. One such feat, a 5-person boost on Inferno on the T side has earned the community’s admiration. 

Inferno is one of the oldest maps in CS: GO. Even though Valve remade the map, there were not a lot of changes to this classic map. But even after so long, CS: GO players can come up with insane boosts and this particular boost is one of the most incredible ones seen in the game. This boost was first posted on the globaloffensive subreddit and has struck the community with awe and some appreciation for its ingenuity.

CS: GO players pull off 5-person boost on Inferno

The boost takes place right out of T-spawn and the video shows the five players gathering near the stairs. The boost is definitely not in a safe spot as any aggression by the Counter-Terrorists from B would leave the Ts exposed. 

The player at the very top can see high mid easily and if he has a scoped weapon as in this case, he can easily take out any CT slightly out of position. From the CT side, it’s near impossible to counter this boost as you often have to worry about multiple other angles when you are exposed at mid. Terrorists could catch you off-guard from the T slope or even second mid. There could also be terrorists rushing down mid, so watching for this ridiculous five-man boost is often out of the question.

The video gives us a glimpse of how to accomplish this five-person boost on Inferno. Players have to stand on the railings to get the adequate height. It comes down to a lot of practice and a slight miscalculation could potentially put you straight in the crosshair of the CT mid AWPer.

This boost is also a one-time thing at most. If the CTs catch wind of what’s going on, it’s easy to counter this boost. The CTs could decide to play aggressive on Banana or they could also decide to play passive all across while you fumble and waste precious seconds.

It’s still not clear whether this boost violates any rules for the upcoming PGL Antwerp Major and if Valve will make any changes to the same. Even though it is very impractical, we might just see some team pull it off as a surprise. The PGL Antwerp Major kicks off on May 9 and will continue till May 22.

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