They are one map away from a Perfect Major Victory. Can NAVI accomplish what no other team has done before?

The PGL Stockholm Major Grand Finals is currently underway and NAVI and G2 are playing each other for their first Major title in CS: GO. It is a ‘S1mple vs NiKo‘ rivalry, a ‘NAVI vs G2’ rivalry and the battle for the title of the ‘Best Team in CS: GO”.

Map Veto

  1. G2 removed Overpass
  2. Natus Vincere removed Vertigo
  3. G2 picked Ancient
  4. Natus Vincere picked Nuke
  5. Natus Vincere removed Inferno
  6. G2 removed Dust2
  7. Mirage was left over

NAVI take G2’s Map Pick, Ancient

G2’s map pick of Ancient was probably a smart choice, partly because NAVI has shown some weakness on this map. Also G2’s performance on Ancient has been commendable, defeating Copenhagen Flames, a very good Ancient team in the earlier stages of this tournament.

NAVI started the series in a dominant fashion, winning the first three rounds with ease. But G2 won four of the next five rounds to tie the series at 4-4. The CIS squad had an aggressive CT side, but G2 had a good read on NAVI’s playstyle.

The back-and-forth continued between the two teams with G2 taking a slight lead but once again things were tied up at 10-10. NAVI’s players thrived under pressure in the late game and quickly took a 14-10 lead after things looked competitive.

It was just a matter of time after that as G2 seemed to have run out of steam. NAVI finished Ancient with a 16-10 score. They are now one map away from securing a clean performance.


G2 had a real chance on Nuke, which was NAVI’s map-pick. The S1mple-led team has a 17 game winstreak on this map and they look extremely dominant on the CT-sided map.

Despite being NAVI’s map pick, G2 were the dominant side. They had a 10-5 start on the CT side and then won four quick rounds (out of five) in the T-side. Despite being 14-10 up, NAVI’s CT side was like an impenetrable wall. There was a brief moment when NiKo could have sealed the deal, but he missed a few Deagle shots and NAVI marched on to Overtime.

The match went to overtime and then double-overtime as NAVI slowly stole the momentum from G2 esports. The team’s performance only improved, understanding G2’s aggression on the CT side and taking advantage.

With this victory, NAVI have finally secured their first CSGO Major title. They also completed the perfect Major run, something that no other team has done till date.

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