The first playoffs match between Virtus.Pro and G2 was an exciting start to the matches in the Spodek Arena.

The first match in the Spodek Arena in front of a live audience in over two years had a thrilling start. Virtus.Pro and G2 faced each other in this elimination series and CS: GO fans could not have asked for a better start to the playoffs. The series started on Mirage where G2's mONESY showed up in a big way.

mONESY's stats on Mirage versus Virtus.Pro
mONESY's stats on Mirage versus Virtus.Pro

The former NAVI Junior player finished the first map with 45 kills, a 1.39 rating and dozens of clips to boast.

Triple Overtime Baby!

CS: GO fans could not have asked for a better opening match at the Spodek Arena. The first map, Mirage, saw G2 win the first few rounds. But Virtus.Pro strung together several in a row to end the half with a 9-6 score.

The 16-year-old was the star on Mirage finishing with 45 killed and a 98.4 ADR. 

Over on the CT side, G2 once again won the pistol round and the next few as well. They managed to reduce VP’s lead and the back and forth nature of the map became visible. There was very little separating the two teams, but there was one star rising through it all.

This kid is insane. I cannot imagine how we're gonna do and how we’re  gonna be in the future because he is very very good. He is born to play CS. We might have been able to produce a performance like that cause he was better than he was in the group stage.

JACKZ on mONESY’s performance

There was very little separating the two teams in Overtime and it was evident by the repeated Overtimes on Mirage. But finally, G2 were able close it out on Mirage and move on to Ancient. G2’s map pick of Mirage was quite surprising since their track record on this map was not really something to boast about. But they won the map, on the backs of some exemplary plays by the young prodigy.

"I think everything could be different if we won the second round on the CT side" : Yekindar

The second map was extremely one-sided as G2 started on the CT side. The CT start gave them a huge advantage and they capitalized on it with a 12-3 start. 

I can't really say what went wrong. But I think individually we weren't winning any duels and giving up stupid entries and that's why we lost that map.

Yekindar in the post-match interview.

Virtus.Pro won the second pistol, but they did not convert the next round, a loss that proved costly for the CIS squad. Eventually, G2 esports secured Ancient with a 16-5 score and won the series 2-0.

In a post-game interview, YEKINDAR said things could have been different if Virtus.Pro had just won the second round on their CT side. G2 won Ancient without a sweat and will now face Navi in the semifinals tomorrow.

Spodek Arena with a live crowd: The dream of every CS: GO player

The Spodek Arena. IEM Katowice 2022. Image Credit: <a href="">ESL</a>.
The Spodek Arena. IEM Katowice 2022. Image Credit: ESL.

Counter-Strike returns to the Spodek arena with a live audience after a gap of two years. IEM Katowice 2020 took place without a live audience, it was the first esports tournament affected by COVID.

For players, coming back to Spodek, playing in front of a huge crowd means a lot and it was evident in JACKZ’s post-game interview. 

When Pala "Pala" Gilroy Sen asked JACKZ how it felt to walk out and see the crowd again, here’s what JACKZ had to say.

I can't explain it, but every CS: GO player plays the game to come to this kind of arena. 


G2 esports will face Navi tomorrow in the semifinals. The mONESY vs S1mple matchup is something everyone is excited to witness.

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