French CS:GO team DBL Poney are stampeding into Flashpoint 3 by taking down fellow countrymen Team Vitality in the opener.

French CS:GO team DBL Poney are stampeding into Flashpoint 3 by taking down fellow countrymen Team Vitality in the opener.

DBL Poney Stomp Vitality in Flashpoint 3 Opener

A new rivalry is beginning to shape up as DBL Poney, a team led by NBK move forward in the upper bracket of Flashpoint 3.

DBL Poney are reaping the benefits of a Nuke comfort pick against Vitality. It is a dominating showcase on Nuke that is a spectacle from start to finish. DBL Poney’s leader bodyy kick starts the game with a 1v3 pistol. This gave the underdog french CS:GO team much needed early momentum. With Vitality looking to strike back, the underdogs continue onward. The DBL Poney Leader is continuing to show resemblance of his time in G2 Esports. Afterwards, he and former Vitality Lucky were able to secure two 1v2 clutches to solidify the first game.

bodyy is the IGL of DBL Poney. Image via Liquipedia.

In the second map of Inferno, the score went about the same, ending at 16-7 for DBL Poney. Thus, closing out a very important win for the orgless French squad.

DBL Poney, who are currently #35 in the HLTV Rankings, do not have many expectations going into this event. The French CS:GO team are the fifth and final seed from the Flashpoint 3 Closed Qualifier. As a result, they were paired up against the top RMR seeded Team Vitality. 

The shocking defeat comes as a hard blow for Vitality. The team is still figuring out how to transition away from veteran RpK and play with young talent Kyojin. Since the switch, the French squad is continuing to struggle in 2021. Their best showing comes from Dreamhack Masters Spring 2021, where the squad barely missed out on the Playoff Stages.

Vitality are currently slumping in 2021 since parting ways with RpK. Image via Liquipedia.

Luckily, Vitality captain apEX and the crew will have time to recalibrate before their loser’s bracket matchup against OG.

Astralis Shoot Past OG in Second Match of Day

Meanwhile, Astralis take down OG in a 2-0 sweep to send them into the loser’s bracket. After a close overtime win on Inferno, Astralis displayed dominance in Nuke. Continuous strong performances from Astralis’ Xyp9x and gla1ve is what’s keeping Astralis solid after the Device move.

The Danish squad took the second map 16-11 to face DBL Poney in the Winner’s Side.

DBL Poney will play their next match against Astralis on May 19 2021 in the Upper Bracket Round 2.

Until then, CS:GO Viewers can tune in to watch BIG vs. Complexity and Fnatic and Mousesports face off tomorrow May 11. The two winners will move on to the Upper Bracket Round 2. The losers will move into the losers bracket to face each other starting May 15.

What do you think of the DBL Poney Stomp over Vitality? Do you think DBL Poney are the real deal or was it just luck? Let us know what you think!

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